Top 10 Stars Who Fired Back at Their Interviewer


17 comments on “Top 10 Stars Who Fired Back at Their Interviewer

  1. Dylan Kaiser on

    I'm surprised Tom Hardy didn't break the interviewers back for being a giant jackass

    EDIT: to be fair most of these interviewers seem like giant pricks and I like a lot of these celebrities

  2. permeus2nd on

    Guru-Murthy is a well known asshole i think RDJ handled it quite well Murthy has been around long enough to know there are some things you just dont ask as they will offend the interviewee and just aren't relevant to the interview but he crosses that line way to meny times, if i was famous he would be blacklisted from every interviewing me.

  3. Den Harrow on

    In my European country, there's something called "School of Journalism", attended, mostly, by people capable of developing a high level of intelligence, combined with common sense and with an encyclopedic (not just domain-oriented) general culture.
    Those which can't adapt are simply going to lose their jobs for good by the age of 28…..33, or they are starting making programs in small-town televisions, where they can ask various questions of national importance, like asking a 85-year-old deaf lady how is her bald motherfucking chihuahua feeling that day.


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