Top 10 South Park Movie Parodies


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  1. TweekleToes on

    in #3, lets not forget that Super Craig and Wonder Tweek are supposed to be based on Superman and Wonder Woman. That was fairly obvious being that their names and the fact of them being together were so derivative of the two superheroes.

  2. Heidi Thomas on

    Watched South Park when it just started. Saw the movie on opening night, and went back to the theaters to watch it again and again. Still watching and now with my teen and husband. South Park will never die as long as life happens, and I'll still be watching.

  3. Misfit on

    What about the characters who are based off of other people/characters for a video. Kenny was based off of a friend of Trey Parker from school. Damien from the episode Damien is from The Omen. Pip is from the book Great Expectations (as well as Pocket and Estella). Gregory and Christophe were based off of characters from Les Miserables. Mr Hankey was based off of something that one of the creator's father's made up. I believe Butters was based off of a friend of the creators. Liana Cartman was based off of an ex-girlfriend of one of the creators. Kyle and his family is based off of Matt Stone and his family. Stan and his family is based off of Trey Parker and his family. I think thats enough to make a video hopefully that does get made into a video I would love to see that!!!

  4. Tony F on

    Also in the TP episode Cartman takes Kyle and the Gang out on a boat to beat them to death with a baseball bat which is a Godfather reference. LOL the bat was a wiffle bat too!


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