Top 10 Smart Shows that No One is Watching


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  1. D I on

    No one watches these in America should be the title. There are so many great British shows that never make it to the mainstream American tv. I will start picking some of these up myself.


    I agree with capuletrose 1000% it maybe not that popular and watched in America but is in other parts of the world. How else would you explain a show being around for 5 seasons going on 6th if it’s not watched as Nicky swift is claimed. By the way I am in America and love it. Research a bit more ok Nicky some of the things u saying are rubbing people the wrong way..

  3. malphunkson on

    Peaky Blinders since day one. Its compelling and has amazing acting and an interesting look at life in England early last century about the haves and the have nots challenging the status quo. Really love this series and can't wait for each new season. Taboo is worth watching just for Tom Hardy's acting. Can't wait for the next season

  4. Alex H on

    I feel like the only person watching Mindhunter among friends. It’s a criminally under-appreciated show with David Fincher as the producer and director of several episodes.

  5. ikdaboss on

    i came here to check out if "you're the worst"' was included…..and there it was!!!! honestly it's the best underrated series this decade……short,comedic,inspirational & addictive and yes season 5 is out!!!

  6. Robin Alves on

    Love Happy Valley, Killing Eve, and Taboo! Those shows are some of my absolute favorite to watch. For some reason I fell out of watching Peaky Blinders and typically binge You're the Worst when I'm in the mood or remember.

    Someone below said Hannibal is another. I love that too.

  7. Kshitij Thapa on

    HANNIBAL is so underrated that it is underrated even in the list of underrated shows.
    I thought SILENCE OF THE LAMBS movie was a big deal and it has enough fan following. I was wrong. Hannibal surely deserves a place in the TOP 5.


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