Top 10 Reasons Mr. Krabs Should Be Arrested


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  1. Rebecca Rivere on

    All Top 10 Reasons Why Mr. Krabs Should Be Arrested:
    10: Panty Raid
    9: Stole Secret Formula Then Framed Spongebob
    8: Forced His Employees To Work 24/7 With No Breaks
    7: Counterfeiting
    6: Grave Robbing
    5: Sells His Own Workers
    4: Animal Cruelty To Jellyfish
    3: He Tried To Drive Plankton To Suicide
    2: He Tried To Kill Squidward
    1: Attempted Murder Of A Health Inspecter
    Dishonorable Mentions:
    Docks His Employees’ Pay For Ridiculous Reasons
    Assaulting His Employees
    Stealing When Nobody Is Looking

    Please like, heart, pin, comment, and arrest Mr. Krabs.

  2. Logan Caldwell on

    I would love to see Mr. Krabs in prison, not Plankton. Plankton maybe a villain, but he's my favorite character in that cartoon. I don't think Plankton is a villain, he was just jealous that a lot of customers go to his nemesis' place, not his. To me, Plankton is way better than Mr. Krabs, the cheap-ass manager.

  3. finnishnin on

    I think they should write and produce an episode where Mr Krabs is incapacitated by Planktons scheme for the episode leaving Squidward in charge for an extended period of time. Squidward takes it upon himself to actually improve the Krusty Krab after a few weeks when his blasé attitude drains the restaurants funds and he realizes he’s dangerously close to not being paid. Since Squidward is an accomplished cook in his own right just incompetent at fry cooking he takes it upon himself to devise an alternative Secret Krabby Patty Formula to give Plankton next time he shows up, but that’s part way due to not really feeling up to it because he will harass Spongebob and Squidward rather than Krabs. Squidward introduces new menu items that are for fish of a particular diet that cannot subsist on Basic Krabby Patties, an underwater variation of Vegetarians or Gluten Free people. Mr Krabs sees the changes on the news but can’t just miraculously shed the body cast he wears from sheer fury and has to wait a few more months. When Mr Krabs finally returns he chews out Squidward for messing with the “formuler” but Squidward shows Mr Krabs the increased revenue due to his tweaking and Mr Krabs is impressed and congratulates Squidward for his excellent work. Just them Plankton bursts in with a Tank pointing the barrel at them demanding the Krabby Patty secret formula which Squidward gives without a fight, Plankton takes it after some consideration and Squidward says “I am handing you the formula, do you want it or not?” Plankton gleefully runs back to the Chum Bucket to make his own Patties only for Krabs to yell at Squidward. Squidward holds up the real formula which he says that he gave him an altered formula, one that when eaten makes the consumer crave the real stuff twice as hard and never consider the altered version ever again. Squidward then says that he predicts Plankton will pour money into an ad campaign saying he has delicious patties which they will confirm so customers flock there but only ever go once. Squidward calculates that Planktons revenue will not cover the costs for his ad campaign making Krabs very pleased, the only thing he would enjoy more than Plankton not having so much as a single form of income is losing money on a fast food endeavor he helped him with. Krabs glares at him before letting things play out. Turns out Squidward rested the altered formula on Patrick who now craves legit Krabby Patties more than ever which Krabs is happy to sell, and Spongebob is happy to fry up. Turns out the Ad campaign was bigger than estimated and Plankton loses more money than ever. Squidward and Krabs laugh at his misfortune as the screen zeroes in on them before going to Black.

  4. Carter Morrison on

    Actually the one where he broke into his mother's house that wasn't really his fault obviously. He was convinced obviously by SpongeBob and Patrick as we all know. And Pretty Krabby's were not his fault either even though he wanted to take full credit for that. But everything else unless yeah especially the murder attempts wow that's just sick. Weren't there times when he's did False Advertising? Like the lying News Paper.


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