Top 10 Power Rangers Couples


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  1. bigjoeofthe707 on

    Way to go screwing up in the honorable mentions. Show the wrong names for Mike & Emily from Samurai/Super Samurai. And really not even mention Merrick & Princess Shayla from Wild Force? Come on those 2 had a thing going on. Hell they even argued like a couple one time when an org messed up their daily duet to the deer zord and she thought Merrick was messing up on purpose and they start to argue.and later we see Princess Shayla back at the Animarium with arms folded and being mad at him. Lol.

  2. Son of Jupiter 12 on

    I wish they kept romance an option, like, everyone, even the young audiance, can recognize an optional couple, but alas, they deny it from us, it could make Power Rangers so much more than a bunch of 30 year olds running around in spandex and swords

  3. Ria Flores-tamayo on

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Tommy ( Jason David Frank) and Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson) and Power Rangers Ninja Steel And Super Ninja Steel’s Calvin (Nico Greetham) and Haley (Zoe Robins) are both my favorite Power Rangers Couples.

  4. riaisratedr on

    Jake/Gia shouldn't be on here and Tommy/Kim should not be #2, it's overrated. Tommy/Kat are married and have even appeared on the latest anniversary episode together, they should have been on this list instead.

  5. Raymond Gurrola on

    Totally epic ranger love connections! Go go legendary power rangers! No madder what team of rangers there are protecting the universe from evil all the power rangers from (mighty morphin season 1 – super ninja steel) these legendary ranger teams are totally epic and awesome!


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