Top 10 People Whose Old Tweets Exposed Them


100 comments on “Top 10 People Whose Old Tweets Exposed Them

  1. B Black on

    Comic fans will defend a pedo just to have their love made, smh. James Gunn's not getting rehired and no one's going to even remember any of this by next year at this same time. Move on or stay miserable.

  2. ChubbyLlama on

    What has the the world come to where peoples lives can be ruined because a couple peoples feelings got hurt. I remember in highschool they just told us that's the real world people are dicks just ignore them.

  3. redstormfighter29 on

    Watch Mojo make a video about Dave Bautista going crazy because of James Gunn that sounds more interesting. Dave is gonna go so insane I bet he’ll put on the Drax makeup show up at a random Disney store drunk and start beating up Disney store employees.

  4. Kol2388 on

    Ha ha ha what a list, I already said this but you honestly don't have to have 5 daily videos, put 2-3 but with better subject than this. You're better than this.


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