Top 10 Oldest Creepy-Crawlies


100 comments on “Top 10 Oldest Creepy-Crawlies

  1. Blue Hunter on

    You forgot scorpions. Sea scorpions are one of the first creatures to evolve and also crawl up on land. So really the scorpion is the oldest creepy crawly, as it was around before creatures even walked on land.

    But nice try Watchmojo

  2. ilovepokemon95 on

    For the future, please double check that the images that are being used are of the correct animal. Seeing as you used images of a tick and an isopod for lice, a species of monkey instead of chimpanzee, and a species of the family scutelleridae (a true bug) as a beetle.

  3. WhoTube on

    Insects ARE arthropods. They have six legs and three body segments. Arthropod is the phylum, insect is the class. You said mites are classified as arthropods rather than insects. Everything you've talked about is an arthropod, and most were insects. Mites are a different class: arachnid (eight legs, two body segments). You got it right later.


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