Top 10 Netflix Shows With The Best Performances


100 comments on “Top 10 Netflix Shows With The Best Performances

  1. robbielex on

    WatchMojo missed a great opportunity to give props to Matt Biedel who played both the threatening "Dimi" and the sweet, loving and so missed "Abuela" in Altered Carbon. Dude rocks the house!

  2. B K on

    Woah, I've only heard your voice for so long I can hardly put your face to your voice, like it's dubbed over or something. It's not bad, just different.

  3. mv1334 on

    Great to see The Crown #1, it’s the best-acted Show from Netflix. Especially, Claire Foy who’s freaking phenomenal!! Am I the only male person in the world who watches & LOVE the show?! I always feel like i’m in the minority, man. 😔

  4. Sharpe1502 on

    "You never hear about Grace and Frankie," Whenever a new season drops, that's literally all I hear about. Do you know how often I'm asked, "Do you watch Grace and Frankie?!"


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