Top 10 Multiplayer Games That Died Instantly


100 comments on “Top 10 Multiplayer Games That Died Instantly

  1. Bram25 on

    Where the fuck is APB (All Points Bulletin) ?!
    It was supposed to be the big success that would take over and revolutionise the industry! But it died in a week or so and they even went bankrupt into that same week.
    Yes. It also spawned APB: Reloaded but the damage was done already.

  2. Julian Constantino on

    Mag's servers shut down 4 years after launch, how is that "Died instantly"? I didn't start playing until I got the game from a friend well after it came out and it was still really fun with tons of people. IMO the reason it shut down was that it relied on new game sales to keep the servers going. If it sold cosmetics or some shit like that it would still be around today.

  3. Sonny Glazer on

    Titanfall 2 is an amazing game anyway, in my opinion it shouldn’t be on this list. Miles better than any other game on this list, possibly most games out now, save for a few like RDR2.


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