Top 10 Movies That People Still Don’t Understand


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  1. Orange Moose on

    Simple minded people. It wasn't hard at all to understand American Psycho or Donnie Darko. If you haven't figured out D.D., watch the sequal, S. Darko. Maybe then you'll get it.

  2. Oscar Park on

    I thought that the Paul Allen thing was just a continuation of the underlying “they’re all the same “ mistaken identity bit.. cloud atlas is the worst movie in recorded history; and primer WILL give you a nose bleed.

  3. So tired of dumb ass people on

    One day I've got to see the movie, Psycho I think Christain Bale is amazing actor. My one twin son and I one night watch the movie called, Predesination. I get it was about again time travel but omg we still say talk about that movie and say WTF was that all about LMAO 😀😁 😂😃 😄


    Donnie Darko is easy to understand, he was meant to die in the beginning, Carnage ensued because he didn't die. This lead him to look for a worm hole to use and go back in time to the day he was supposed die and let faith take his course and everything was back to normal. Very easy movie to understand.

    Eraser head was a filled with metaphors dealing with the fear of fatherhood and responsibility for caring for your child.

    2001 Space Odyssey was about the evolution of man. The scene with the baby floating in space was considered the last evolution of man. They chased that wall that was used to evolve man every time they would come in contact with it, that baby floating was the next evolution of man.

  5. Rachel Ostler on

    I would have to put Requiem for a Dream on this list I'm sorry i maybe I'm the only one but that movie confuse the s*** out of me and really I was kind of like what was the point of this movie

  6. Kaleidoscope Productions on

    America Psycho is based on a book that was banned in most countries and the original version didn’t make it to the US.

    The actual book was highly controversial yet epic pop culture in Germany in 1998

    The book itself isn’t really plot driven. It’s basically just his internal monologues in between killings.

    For the US movie they had to stretch like a mother fucker to give it an R rated plot.

    The American book version was edited to go with the movie.

    Anyone who read the original book knows there’s literally couldn’t have been a movie made of it – without making shit up.

  7. Katelynn Rogers on

    Cloud Atlas absolutely changed how I viewed how movies could be made. When you sit down and truly watch it, it isn't confusing at all. I will say however, that after watching it three times, there are still details I pick up on every time I watch it. It is brilliant though!!


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