Top 10 Movies Shot in Unconventional Ways


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  1. TheKersey475 on

    Where's "The Bourne Identity" (2002) or "John Wick" (2014)?

    Both are action movies that widely influenced action cinematography in their wake. Bourne popularizing hectic shaky-cam while Wick popularized steady patient camerawork.

  2. Franco Sierra on

    You could've mentioned Victoria (2015), a 2 hours and 15 minutes german movie which consists of only one single take from beginning to end. The movie isn't perfect but it's exteremely admirable for its ambition.

  3. hiTo1337 on

    Elephant. It has overlapping, extremely long takes – and Victoria, a Russian Ark, but much better.

    Pi is also a pretty good one, that uses very grainy film to convey a message.

  4. Theodore Relic on

    Let me guess…y'all have never heard of La Jetee' (1962)? This short movie (created almost entirely with photographs in a way that sometimes simulated movement) influenced a wide range of shows and movies, from the anime Big O to Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys.

  5. DJreject101 on

    Bit annoying that there was no mention of where Hardcore Henry originated. For those interested to know it was directed by Ilya Naishuller a member of a Russian Punk Rock band Biting Elbows who had 2 great music vids that were the precursor to the film and shot in 1st person.

  6. alg11297 on

    These are mostly art house movies that no one saw and no one was interested. Why didn't you bring up The Lady in the Lake which was a detective story shot from the detective's point of view throughout. In one Bogart movie, his face wasn't shown until maybe half way through because he supposedly had plastic surgery and was given a new face. At least die hard film fans would see something new.

  7. Jim M on

    I was expecting/hoping to see Russian Ark so I was glad it was there, but I expected at least an honorable mention for Rope or The Chelsea Girls. It's such a broad category you could include lots of stuff, and the films generally were really recent ignoring all the experimental films of the 60s etc…


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