Top 10 Movie Sequels YOU Didn’t Know Were Being Made


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  1. Maylon Hargrove on

    I am all for a Gremlins 3, but if they use CGI they better give it the Planet Of Apes treatment and make it look and feel real as hell! But it either needs to be 3rd installment with the original cast (at least in part) or if a reboot, then it needs to be a completely new story set in the same world (so no Gizmo) and some other Mogwai as the center point.

  2. Pat Piper on

    Some of these sequels I would love to see & some of them . . . Not so much

    But several of the one's named in this video are movies that came out 20 years ago & that's very risky & usually for the most part it doesn't work out cause the studio's & or directors waited way too long to make them & the actors or actresses have obviously aged & rarely does a sequel after 20 years top the original

    Some examples that come to mind is "Escape From L.A." (15 years later), "The Odd Couple 2" (20 years later) "Dumb & Dumber To" (20 years later), "Psycho II" (23 years later), "OZ: The Great & Powerful" (prequel 73 years later) & let us not forget the long awaited "Star Wars" prequels that many fans of the original episode's very very disappointed with

    But that being said we shall see. Should be interesting though if some of these mentioned will actually make it to the silver screen or Hollywood will say to itself, "Why ruin a good thing & if it ain't broken don't try & fix it?" . . . Only time will tell

  3. mo shine on

    cube I'm still waiting on that last Friday. newline its been 8yrs now where the hell is Freddy (fans stop asking for Robert we all love him as the springwood slasher but he's old) OK and don't just put some piece of shit together the first remake wasn't bad but wasn't good also Jackie actually did a good job my opinion. Do Mr Craven(rest his soul) some justice and bring his scary story back with a bang I wanna laugh and be spooked at the same time.

  4. gspendlove on

    Bill & Ted searching for the perfect song sounds like an excellent idea. If it were up to me, the two of them would do it by having Station build them a spaceship that could "fold space" (like in Dune) and travel to other planets looking for just the right combination of sounds given to them by the best rock and pop musicians on each world. The movie should feature a bunch of far-out instruments the guys need to learn how to play (there's an experimental-instrument designer named Bart Hopkin who could be an enormous help to the filmmakers in that capacity), and get into musical theory (but not so deeply that it hurts the funny). The only problem I can foresee with this idea is that they can't actually find the "perfect song," because no matter how good that final song is, we all live in the age of the internet, that singularly unprecedented and unrivaled source of fuming hatred and bile. So no matter what the filmmakers create, there'll be a-holes who'll say it sucks.

  5. John Becker on

    Haven't watched the video yet but if Top Gun 2 is on the list… I knew about that one. Mainly because it is being recorded in Norfolk, VA and I live in the same state so sort of big news around here.

  6. Daniel Rodriguez on

    They should make a 3rd instalment of the Thing, 1st one with Kurt Russell, and the Antarctic out post ,2nd one what happened at the Norwegian Antarctic out post, prequel, 3rd one should be what happened on the alien space that crashed in the Antarctic, did the alien specimens escape on border and recked havoc on the alien ship causing it to crash land?

  7. Aaron Gilmore on

    most of these are tentitive or have been long stuck in hell or debunked recently….are you guys sure YOU KNOW this are being made? You guys usually don't have misleading titles…shame on you Mojo

  8. Frank Mehrer on

    Beetlejuice 2 shoudn't happen because the original is such a masterpiece
    Gremlins 2 never should of happend neither should this one because the original is also a masterpiece
    Mad Max 6 and a 7 should happen would be great
    Edge of Tommorow 2 & 3 be cool
    King Conan should be made to complete the trilogy
    Coming To America 2 shouldn't happen because again the original is a masterpiece and shoudnt be messed with
    Bill & Ted Face The Music should happen because it can't be as the last one
    Furia should start a new trilogy of Riddick films like mission 4 did with Tom Cruise


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