Top 10 Most WTF Spider-Man Stories Of All Time


57 comments on “Top 10 Most WTF Spider-Man Stories Of All Time

  1. john cashman on

    spiderman is the greatest…but i need to point out the clone saga had nothingto do with green goblin but spideys old science teacher miles warren who created the clone and controlled ben riley for awhile. a.k.a. the jackyl

  2. SkySlasher on

    5:53 ok who was angry at that cause they kept Pete as Spidey because of dan consensus right who wanted him to stay Spidey what was wrong with Ben taking over and yes it was supposed to be permanent

  3. Ty kamen on

    I'm surprised they didn't bring up the eight arm Spider Man story or the time Spider-Man became the Hulk or the time he merged with Superman and his Marvel versus DC Comic

  4. Ultra Spawn on

    Geez. How many times must he say the line "As it turns out"? Seriously.
    -The Clone Saga was the best Spider-Man storyline, despite what anyone says.
    -The Gathering of the Five was kind of weird, but at least Mattie Franklin and Madame Web got something out of it. Sorry Norman.
    -That whole thing of bringing back Aunt May after her emotional and heartbreaking passing in the classic Amazing Spider-Man #400 was so dumb. An actress died? Come on, now.
    -One More Day, well we all know that bullcrap. Joe cough Q.
    -Sins Past freaked me out. Just when I thought Norman couldn't do any more to Spidey.
    -The Other was interesting, I guess.

  5. Wildcard Hoss on

    I remember that Once More Day story arc… UGH!!! If they would have just left Aunt May dead, & have Pete go ballistic on Kingpin (put some respeck on his name lol), that would have been best . Also adding Mephisto in the story was a huuuuge mistake. But Marvel & D.C. love to keep certain characters a particular way like they are in Tupperware or something… SMH.


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