Top 10 Most Underrated Michael Jackson Songs


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  1. grosskopf2 on

    With exception of Blood on the Dance Floor, I thought all were hits. I used to listen to most of these songs regardless. I didn't know that They don't really care about us was limitied locally, I was actually living in Europe and I heard that song quite a bit, especially when a sponsor for my team owed me $35k and my team couldn't seem to contact them. I was always singing that song during that time

  2. Angel G on

    Stranger In Moscow has no reference whatsoever to his accusations…..don't turn this into something is not. Mike made great music and people always try to put some story behind it.

  3. WavyBone Vercetti on

    Here’s a REAL underrated list (Not in order)

    1.Burn This Disco Out
    2.Lovely One (W/ The Jacksons)
    4.Your Ways (W/ The Jacksons)
    6. Carousel
    7.Walk Right Now (W/ The Jacksons)
    8.Serious Effect
    9.Get On The Floor
    10.Give It Up

  4. Simon Gibbons on

    Theres a few surprising entry's on this list. I mean Earth Song really?. I wouldn't say Earth Song is underrated. It's one of his biggest selling songs in Europe. In fact it was his biggest selling single in the UK. Everyone knows that song apart from maybe America who missed out on that one.
    I would have put Butterflies on this list. I think that song is his most underrated of all time. Which was suppose to have been his 3rd single from Invincible and only got minor air play at the time. Shame a video wasn't made for it. A beautiful pure lost gem there which the whole world should have heard.

  5. Ruth Cachia on

    In my opinion MJ'S songs that sends a good message are underrated before & mostly NOW that's why we have to keep listening to his music & tell our children & grandchildren our future. His songs are good melody so even in 50 yrs they are going to be joyful to listen & that's all he wanted. We have to tell them how many children he helped with his humanitarian work & donation & how talented he was in dance in music keep his legacy & most of all how he was treated bullied by the tabloids & by greedy people & not judge a person until you talked to personally it's a lesson to our children. DON'T JUDGE & HELP OTHERS that's all we have to do by listen to his music & keep his legacy going on & be remembered as a human being as Michael Jackson

  6. Utkan Aktaş on

    He is generaly underrated imo. But ı have to add couple of other "underrated songs" of him.

    Whatever Happens (it must be in the list. His best work in 2000s)
    Liberian Girl
    Blame it on the boogie
    On The Wall
    Come Together (ı've to say its the best cover of the song)
    State of Shock (Mercury version not salty Mick version)
    If You Dont Love Me
    Break of Dawn
    Human Nature (must be on the list)
    Gone Too Soon

  7. Christian Lemma on

    Along with Stranger in Moscow and many other beautiful songs by Mike, This is It really makes me sob FULL OUT. I’m talking about cover mouth so you wouldn’t make a sound in 3AM sobbing 😭


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