Top 10 Most Rewatchable Cancelled Comedies


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  1. Vince Gonzalez on

    I don't think you should put on shows that were on the air for years. I love Scrubs, but it has nine seasons (I think). Even if it was technically cancelled, it definitely ran its course.

    But Freaks and Geeks at #1 is an excellent selection.

  2. Rick Charles on

    Family Matters had a pretty good run. It should have been named "Urkel" because he was all they had As the star aged out it had to be dropped.
    King of the Hill writers just ran out of ideas and became the same over and over.
    The rest are just crap that shouldn't have been started.

  3. Ashur Goodman on

    "King of the Hill" is #3. I can see it being early on the list but not #3. I liked it but I didn't find it very memorable nor do I think I watch it to the end of its run. Also where's the "Malcolm in the Middle" love.

  4. Frayhua on

    They should have classic comedies got cancelled for one or three seasons and turnout to be cult classics shows like The Honeymooners,The Jetsons,What's Happening,The Addams Family,The Munsters,Ducktales and Gilligan's Island are most rewatchables cancelled series in TV history other shows are rewatchables wish ran for five seasons I Love Lucy,The Odd Couple,Get Smart,Martin and The Brady Bunch also cult favorites.

  5. Sport Of Wrestling on

    I would suggest that Happy Endings should be higher on this list, but I won't because I'm glad that it was included at all. I swear, sometimes it feels like that show gets ignored by everyone. But it was a truly funny, great sitcom

  6. J.M. on

    Don't agree with some of the mentions in this list but freaks and geeks being cancelled was and still is a travesty a show before its time

  7. K37 on

    I know it's on Netflix now but I think arrested development could be on the list, after all its total trash on Netflix now. Also if this was my list bordertown would be here

  8. Dakota Helhiem on

    Last Man on Earth? REALLY? No one with taste can make it past Season One episode two. It was doomed to fail. Will Forte by himself is just cringe. He knew it so he ruined the entire premise by adding people. Some were good, i'll give them that. Others….well…they should stick to voicing a cringey little girl.


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