Top 10 Most Physically Challenging Sports


100 comments on “Top 10 Most Physically Challenging Sports

  1. Shane Warner on

    Would have been nice to see bowling as an honorable mention. You try and place that ball in the same spot, with the same speed and power 12 or more times. Hell even if your fingers move a bit wrong it could mess with your game.

  2. Jim B on

    American football at number 5 is a joke. While i love the sport, there is about 11 minutes of actual play during the 60 minute game time…. And the same people arent on the field for all those 11 minutes.

  3. Logan Ross on

    You guys have never run a cross country race. People pass out finishing those, I had a HR of ~240 after a particularly challenging course. At least put it in the top 10.

  4. Mc Santy on

    water polo only 9?!?!? Swimming along is one of the most physically demanding workouts. Using your entire body. Not to mention trying to throw or defend the ball. To make things challenging enough you add the contact. They can literally hold you under water

  5. Lonewolfvt1 on

    I think if you're going to mention mottorcross. You should include Eventing and hunter jumping. As it is very competitive and very hard and exhausting at the end of the day.

  6. Logan Bailliez on

    I’m not a cross country runner myself, but I still feel that it should’ve been more than an honorable mention, I’ve wrestled and played football (easier in comparison to wrestling after participating in one for 4 years and the other for my entire life) and I still find that cross country takes an insane amount of practice and conditioning. While it may not be as difficult in the same way as the combat sports (wrestling, boxing, mma, etc.), it still carries its own challenges that I feel deserved to be recognized.


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