Top 10 Most Embarrassing Video Games


100 comments on “Top 10 Most Embarrassing Video Games

  1. Aeon on

    Who the hell are you to say these games are an embarrassment?? Simply don't fucking buy and play them then. There's many games out there all different ratings and all different kinds. There are many people who don't mind playing these type of games, and others who actually enjoy it, so what?? Trying to label games you don't like as embarrassing just because a character shows some cleavage… how pathetic. This is lowkey a discrimination towards these type of games and the people who like them. Simply don't buy and play them. The rainbow has many colors for everyone to pick from, colors were made for each and everyone's taste as well as games. So don't go out here labeling something you don't like as something people should be ashamed of playing and stop trying to shape things your ways into others.

  2. Pinkish Fiend on

    You could boil this video down to "Female nudity upsets me therefore it's an embarrassment for gaming". Like seriously? There's tons of other cringey stuff in games and THIS is what you come up with???
    Side note: Muscle March doesn't seem like a game you should take all that serious in the first place. I actually want to play it now.
    Are we not allowed to have ridiculous over the top games now??

  3. Alexa Kelly on

    Kind of a trash list. There's a difference between games you are actually embarrassed to be playing vs. Games with sexual themes that would be uncomfortable to play with your parents in the room.

  4. MICKLUVR on

    What about saint row the third? I walked in on my son playing it and I was like what is that? It was a big purple dildo called the penetrator that you smack people with like a baseball bat WTF?


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