Top 10 Most Anticipated Kingdom Hearts III Worlds


44 comments on “Top 10 Most Anticipated Kingdom Hearts III Worlds

  1. Ryan Boucher on

    Was really hoping for a Death Star encounter in space, much like Monstro in KH1, would've loved to have helped stormtrooper Luke and Han rescue Princess Leia and get that inevitable lightsaber keyblade, oh well, maybe next time

  2. Rokabur on

    The fact that they put Frozen into the game pretty much ruins it entirely. Frozen is one of the biggest travesties this decade. It's side-by-side with Fallout 76.

  3. TheTubefan8 on

    One thing I don't understand is why they didn't decide to add Atlantis to kingdom hearts 3. I mean with what they've added to this game Atlantis would give Sora a cool new look that resembles that place. I bet even the keyblade he would get from that world would be amazing and give him some amazing moves.

  4. Jay Y on

    I know I’m in the minority but sora and the hang weren’t ever as interesting as FF characters but when you put them together you had a something amazing.

    Even though I’ve played every kingdom Heart to date, I’m not buying this one.
    Sora and the gang are just not interesting enough

  5. GamingDan on

    Toy Story's Toy Box is my number 1. I've been waiting for it since I played Kingdom Hearts 1. Since that one was around the time gaming announcements mainly came through via magazines, i was actually hoping for it in that game and it's sequel.

  6. Furno Draconis on

    I just subscribe earring you guys did a spoiler free vid for this and I’m so thankful! A YouTuber I use to subscribed released a secret ending today. Thank you sooo much for being a awesome youtuber for showing spoiler warnings and letting us know it’s spoiler free


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