Top 10 Most Annoying Kids in Video Games


100 comments on “Top 10 Most Annoying Kids in Video Games

  1. Shock Dojo on

    Pete? In bully almost every kid is hella irritating to talk to I usually would beat the shit out everyone in the game just for laughs kicking and shooting everyone in the nads and vag.

  2. Dzuno18 on

    What about that kid from Bayonetta 2? I often he was nothing more than an annoying little smartass.

    Other kids who are also annoying is Kiddy Kong from Donkey Kong Country 3 and Sticks from Sonic Boom

  3. Thadd Corbett on

    Blue beats out Baby Mario? You can just rapidly press A to scroll through and ignore what he's saying. Nobody wants to actually mute their video game and that's what it takes to ignore Baby Mario.

  4. cornucanis on

    I'm perplexed that Blue would win out over Silver. Blue was kind of arrogant, but still understandable to a degree. Silver was just an insufferably miserable prick though who wouldn't ever even admit that you beat him.

  5. MichelleOfDarkness on

    I have a personal child character I REALLY dislike and that is Coach Oleander from the Psychonauts video game. In the Meat Circus level, he's a kid called 'Ole' and…argh! He's chasing after his stupid pet bunny and you have to protect him from the giant mutated bunnies. Sounds simple, right? WRONG! You not only have to protect him, but also chase him as he travels higher and higher, all the while going through so many frustrating obstacles. Also, when he is hit by them, he loses life fast. And you have to start all over again! 🤪 Rest of the game was fun and excellent though. Except Meat Circus. THAT was a nightmare and not fun at all.

  6. Altoryu on

    I'd say Youngster Joey from Gold and Silver is more annoying then Gary, no I don't want to know about how strong your Rattata is for the 50 millionth time Joey so buzz off. Though Gary is pretty annoying in himself since he has been the only rival character to date that I know of that beats you to Champion status. But beating him is oh so satisfying, didn't fail make him equally as obnoxious in the anime either.


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