Top 10 Moments That Ruined a Video Game


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  1. Salvatore Ciciarelli on

    Just gonna say this, I say these moments didnt ruin the games, its more like many gamers cried too much instead of enjoyed when the gameplay changed in any sense and they couldnt handle new ideas (as Pokemon Let's Go is proof). Big the Cat's storyline was to change up the rest of the game, The blade pillars were fine and people just didnt have patience, and as for heavy rain? Well the game was pretty up front about how its mechanics worked, if you had to complain, It was kind of on you that you bought it.

  2. Languid on

    I got triggered the minute I saw Shepard. I swear to fuck that ending will haunt me for the rest of my life as I played it well before the DLC was even a thought (I got it on release day because I used to be the biggest ME nerd).

  3. Vicious Pand4h on

    "Dishonorable mentions, Final Boss, Tekken"
    shows the most insanely cool boss fight in the series
    On top of that, what's so bad about the Tekken bosses that it actually earned them even a mention here? Jinpachi, Azazel, Kazuya and Heihachi are badass. The only final boss I have a problem with is Ogre because he was easy as fuck compared to someone like Heihachi, but he was still cool as fuck.

  4. HippieDread 420 on

    Escorting Vinnie Gognitti ruined Max Payne 2 for me. I kept dying trying to keep him alive and I got so mad I broke off both of the analog sticks on my controller, and I took the disc out, cut it a couple times with my hunting knife and lastly I broke it in half. Maybe Max should've killed Vinnie in the first game… just saying

  5. Slayrix on

    Why the fuck does everyone fucking say Batman Arkham knight sucks on pc, it was the fucking best on pc, no bugs no nothing, and why does everyone hate the bat mobile so much, those parts were fun as hell, what is this.

  6. lnxrent on

    For me it's moments in games where a new bad mechanic is suddenly thrown at you for one segment of the game that annoy me and almost ruin the game. Forced stealth segments in a game that didn't have them until then, stupid escort missions, awful racing segments, and of course Big's Campaign are just a few examples.

  7. Media Baron on

    I'm currently replaying Sonic Adventure and I literally just finished Big's campaign. Honestly, once you get the admittedly tricky control scheme down, it's fairly easy. It's a helluva lot easier than the speeder bike levels, that's for sure.
    Stop hating on Big.


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