Top 10 Modern Geniuses


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  1. Peckerwood Honky on

    Bill Gates is without a doubt one of the most adept individuals when it comes to computing. But, you should attribute that to immersion and not creation. His genius traits are rooted in being able to spot future business trends, organization, and leadership skills. Looking at his earliest accomplishments, you will find shrewd acquisitions, unified rebranding, and salesmanship. Trace DOS, excel, and in later years, Visio. All of them began their Microsoft life as an acquisition. DOS is a great case study.

    Elon Musk… you’re mistaking eccentricity for genius. Though in no small amount does a genius require eccentricity. But, with Elon Musk, eccentricity combined with charisma and not genius is name of the game.

    Woman. From of the current century and going back time immortal, great accomplishments that were attributed to men actually belong to woman. BUT, it has/had been easier to brush off these accomplishments as heresy and witchcraft.

  2. manifestgtr on

    Hmmmm…Neil is one of my heroes but I’m not sure I’d classify him as a “genius”. I always saw him as being an astrophysicist who happens to have the social ability necessary to communicate complex ideas to the average dickface. His books are great, his hosting is exceptional and he’s a powerful force for scientific understanding but when I think of a “genius”, I think of someone who’s contributed groundbreaking research, etc. Guys like Hawking or Susskind (if string theory turns out to have any validity). I tend to see Krauss the same way. He’s brilliant when it comes to relaying the specifics of quantum theory to the drooling masses, but a genius? There’s a certain element of creative, “having your finger on the pulse of reality in a way that no one else does” quality that you see in the work of guys like Einstein, Newton and Farraday. That seems to be the differentiating factor.

  3. mjncad on

    Temple Grandin works at CSU (Colorado State University, formerly Colorado A & M) in Fort Collins; not CU (Colorado University) that is located in the People's Republic of Boulder.

    I had a boss that could be a brother to Neil deGrasse Tyson in appearance and intelligence. Ira is shorter than Neil. Thank goodness Carl Sagan took Neil under his wing!

  4. Kanu Jaswal on

    You put bill gates and not Steve jobs?!?!? Bill gates is a genius , yes. But not even putting jobs on list, he’s clearly over bill gates. That man was revolutionary genius. He changed the way we use our technology. Yes I know Steve Wozniak is a genius too, but apple wouldn’t be where it is without Jobs.

  5. Levi Roch on

    also depends how your brain perceives things. . . i am by no stretch of the term a genius, but i have grown up loving and studying the way biological processes take place, and because as such i understand the way chemistry interacts with geography to cause the evolutionary integration of life in ever changing biomes. Evolutionary biology and the reason its progresses in the way it does makes sense to me. . . 94 x 61 on the other hand. . . . phooosh, mathematics does not click with my brain in the slightest. i have nothing but respect for physicists, but im also very conscious that its the astrobiologist whom i would consider the true intellectuals of this day and age (for those who dont know, astrobiology is the combination of geography, chemistry, physics and biology all rolled into one).


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