Top 10 Mistakes That the Human Race Keeps Repeating


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  1. Matt Dougherty on

    Hey rebecca get your facts straight. There is no gender wage gap in the United states. It comes down to career choices, and hours worked. That's why some women earn less. Prager university did a video about this.

  2. John C.A.T on

    Weapons don't cause death, people do. Take away the weapons, and the killings don't decline, they stay the same and sometimes increase in number. Do not seek a scapegoat other than yourselves people. Guns,knives,etc. are not to blame. It is the human race. Every one wants change but no on wants to change themselves and therein lies the issue. We want something to blame so it can change but we dont want to contribute.That has to come to an end bc it will only hurt us more. Please stop looking for something to blame other than us, the humans.

  3. Garza on

    Wage gap has been disproven. Over and over again. You mentioned dictatorships but didn't mention socialism leads to dictatorships. BLM is a racist organization itself. But hey if it fits the narrative.

  4. Chris Lachman on

    I have never seen something so sensitive as a topic be dealt with as well as you have. You nailed each topic and with undeniable reasoning. I appreciate this dedication to produce true videos despite many wanting to tell you otherwise.

  5. Connor Hunter on

    Okay a few things. Yes, humans are terrible as a species. But we’re one of the smartest species that makes the dumbest decisions. If we were the greatest and never did anything wrong, there would be nothing to improve. Once humans stop improving, we stop developing.

  6. Jesse Daniels on

    Wage gap in America and most of the west is not real. If you take into account the fact men take less days off, work more overtime and work for longer in their lives you'll see that there is no wage gap.

    The interpretations? You mean cherry picked versions because those three religions promote violence no question.

    War the biggest mistake? There is threat of war but most are empty. We are living in the most peaceful time in history.

    I think the biggest mistake is the human delusion that we matter more than anything else. This selfishness is primal and a survival tactic but now that we've evolved it bleeds out into more than anything. Greed is a result of this selfishness, religion same thing, so is discrimination and basically everything on this list. Once we stop thinking about ourselves and more about the earth itself and the other defenceless animals. Not just about OUR future but the future of every living thing we can solve our problems before we completely rape this planet to death.

  7. Somber Stricken on

    Comparing Trump to a dictator is so ridiculous and dramatic. I'm not a fan of his but the overblown hysteria just shows our generation has not dealt with any real struggles or problems compared to past generations.


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