Top 10 MCU Mistakes Marvel Wants You to Forget


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  1. Reno van der Made on

    About #10… Maybe Thanos killed half of her species and the rest was killed later on. This is never addressed in the MCU, so a good possibility. And about the Iron Spider. You guys already say 'IF Infinity War is corresponding with its year of release'. So you don't even know in what year it takes place. They already addressed the fact that their movies do not always take place in the year it is released. That's just an assumption. So what continuity issues?

  2. Bukayo Ojutalayo on

    some of these aren't mistakes, you just intepreted them wrong. For example, Tony didn't retire from the hero business, he became Iron Man; meaning he doesn't need the suit to be Iron Man, to be a hero, not as long as he has his mind; the mind that made the suite in the first place.

  3. Joseph Michaels on

    this is funny,watchmojo makes a list of marvel's mistakes and yet, they are one to cauld the kettle black cause they make big mistakes all the time due to their lack of actually doing proper research before making their lists.

  4. pash91 on

    #7 Why can noone understand that he "quit/retired" for maybe a few minutes, then looked up at himself in the mirror, narrated "I Am Ironman" and changed his mind. Probably heading back home and started creating again. You even played the clip….
    #4 That's because all the female characters shown so far in the MCU (not counting Captain Marvel) are not exciting or interesting enough to have a solo flick.
    #3 Not forgettable. More less powerful and organized, so they don't need several movies to develop/kill off. Like Loki/Thanos
    #2 Inhumans is not MCU

  5. SLMdirtfan on

    Iron Man 3 also pretty much made clear that the main plot of Iron Man 2 was irrelevant. Tony could have just had the shards removed from his heart instead of researching and discovery (re-discovering) Vibranium.

  6. come to order! C.G.:the Cartoon Judge! on

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  7. TrueBlueMajikDewd on

    I thought Infinity War takes place after Homecoming? Homecoming the entire movie had an emphasis on Spider-Man focusing on being a neighborhood hero and in Infinity War Spidey tells Iron Man there won't be a neighborhood to which Iron Man welcomes Spidey as an Avenger.

  8. Anton A. on

    Number one for me: Completely disregarding the two previous movies and decades of comic book history with Thor Ragnarok. I love Thor as a character in the comics, and I even was one of those weird people who thought his first movie was nice, but Thor Rragnarok was lame. The way it ignored or disregarded so many important characters and plot points from previous movies is baffling. And I won't even mention the way it craps on Thor's comics. That's a whole new can of worms.

  9. Nick Roberts on

    If they make marvel movies the way they were ment too be told normal people would hate them because they are very brutal most of the time stan lee and jack kerby are very lifelike in there imagination

  10. Krim Son on

    About the #3, some villains were actually memorable…. atleast for me, like Ultron, Red Skull and Zemo, though they appeared only once or were only a cameo, they were still interesting characters and has a clear motivation why they do what they do

  11. QuestionMarc on

    Fun fact, the Infinity Gauntlet Hela says is fake is actually the only real physical prop ever made of the object for the MCU. It was very carefully made by a real life master blacksmith and was used in the Thor movies. Every other appearance of the Gauntlet was 100% CGI. Also there is a cushion just below camera that she shoves the prop onto so as not to break the real thing, then they inserted sound effects of it clattering on the floor afterwards.

  12. QuestionMarc on

    I personally loved the twist that the Madarin was an actor, a figurehead, a decoy. I thought it was super clever and he's right, I never saw it coming!

    Also I think especially at that time, it would be weird to have Iron Man fight a Chinese Mystic using 10 magic rings. His villains have always been more practical and personal, so someone from his past who looked up to him but he scorned, that seems perfect to me.


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