Top 10 Marvel Villains Who Had Justifiable Motives


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  1. Matthew Hall on

    Killmonger's motives werent that justified. T Chaka kills Erik's dad
    Killmonger: Lets kill his son! Lol.
    Just cuz your dad was murdered(for a good reason) and abandoned, doesnt mean the world has to pay and needs to be dominated lol. Zemo was so much better. His dad, mom, son, and wife were killed. He just wanted revenge. Cuz the Avengers didnt care in his eyes. Did he want to dominate Earth. Hell naw. Just revenge.

  2. Van Oskuro on

    Uh no, Magneto is not understandable. He is basically being mutant Hitler. There is no real difference between his "supermen supremacy" and Hitler's "supermen supremacy." They both use oppression as a reason to make people join them. I wish you all would stop trying to make him anything more.

  3. Isaiah Adams on

    I totally disagree with Kingpin from Daredevil. I don't think his motives are justifiable. Seems like he enjoys killing, greed and corruption. And why is Thanos on the list? We all know his goal is to wipe out humanity, although he only destroyed half of mankind

  4. Isaiah Adams on

    I'm really glad Killmonger is on this list. His motives were definitely justifiable. He just wanted to give Wakanda's technology to oppressed blacks around the world. I kinda wonder what would happen if his plan succeeded. Now Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming his motives were totally understandable. He was stealing technology to make money and he was doing it for his family.

  5. Skrek Wazowski on

    Killmonger is literally an ethno nationalist. Plus his โ€œancestorsโ€ were at most half slaves, who his other anscestors could have saved but didnt give enough of a shit. How is he justified?

  6. Darth Wukong on

    The green goblin was understandable because all he wanted was some of his friends blood so he could use it to try to save himself from a disease. And his so called best friend says no it might kill him even though he is already dying. Made no sense so his friends becoming the green goblin and hating spider Man made sense to me.

  7. AJ Johnson on

    Completely disagree with Killmonger being number 2 in this list. His motives would arguably be understandable if his actions were done for people in his community or his family, but black people/African-decendents in general? What does he owe to them? They aren't "his people", they're just people (like every other person on the earth). Let's look at two examples to illustrate this illogical thinking.

    First, we know that millions of Jews were slaughtered in the Holocaust and have been treated poorly throughout history. Would a villain be justified in giving high tech weapons to all the 15 million Jews in the world for what happened to people that lived decades or centuries ago?

    Second, this time with a lesser known group, how about members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (formerly referred to as Mormons)? Aside from being driven out of their homes constantly for a few decades, eventually being forced to trek across the country to get away from prosecution, they also had some very powerful opposition within the government itself. For example, in 1838, Executive Order 44, also known as the Extermination Order, was issued, which allowed for citizens of Missouri to kill members of that church. This was active for 138 years until June 25, 1976 when the order was rescinded. Would people laud a Latter-day Saint character as a justified villain if he/she tried to get advanced weapons into the roughly 16 million members' hands now for the murders that took place over the preceding two centuries?

    The simple answer is no. Individuals are responsible for their own destiny, regardless of any group or category of peoples they espouse or have been arbitrarily assigned to. To heap punishment upon a person's head for the crimes of his/her parents (or "people") is as asinine as it is twisted (especially if that person wasn't ever directly part of the crime). This is identity politics at its finest and is very much an unjust and evil motive.

    Now Killmonger's status as a great villain can be argued on many grounds, such as his cunning, personality, resolve, strength, tenacity, and resourcefulness. But his motive was very basic and one-dimensional: ascension to a seat of power. This is an evil, illogical (as most villains motives are), and self-centered motive. (This last point is clearly demonstrated when he destroyed the crops that gave the Black Panther his abilities. If he were truly doing things for a justifiable and arguably selfless reason, why did he not keep the plant to give to his "people"? Simple: he wanted to rule and he wanted to be uncontested as their ruler.) If this diabolical motive is justified, then we may have a bigger problem on our hands as a society.

    A long comment, I know, but it needed to be said. All-in-all, I'm disappointed that Watchmojo has bought into the partisan belief that Killmonger had a "justifiable" motive. Here's an idea: don't promote or agree with identity politics because you're promoting the creation of more villains than heroes.


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