Top 10 Legendary Soccer Players


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  1. Joao Victor Albuquerque on

    The first person to have won the World Cup both as a player and as a coach was Zagallo, with Brazil. Actually, he has been involved in 4 out of the 5 times Brazil won the championship, either as a player, or as a coach or as a coach assistant.

  2. TCG Arsenal on

    because he mentioned eusebio and garrincha, who I don't even know who they are, I'm guessing the one who made this video are some 60 years old dude. because to them, players like ronaldinho weren't a legend, ronaldinho is still around during their days.

  3. luke joannou on

    No honourable mention for sir Bobby charlton, van basten or maldini is abit hard to take. Charlton is perhaps the best English player in history, England top scorer, appearance maker and same for club man utd for over 40yeard also winning player of the tournament in a world cup winning England team, all this done as an attacking midfielder for the majority of his career. Van basten one of the best strikers in history forced to retire at just 28 through injury. Maldini one the best defenders in history if not the best. Career spanning over 20 years at the highest level deserves a mention at least. Not saying top 10 but mentions should have been given to these 3 great players.

  4. Maximilian Pommer on

    It's completely ridiculous that there are more Argentinian and French players than German and Italian players. Where is Fritz Walter? Where is Gerd Müller? Where is Roberto Baggio? Where is Andrea Pirlo? What about Juan Albert Schiaffino? George Best? Or Xavi?

  5. Margaret Ippolito on

    Gerd Müller, Jose Andrade, Lothar Matthaus, Franco Baresi, Marco Van Basten, Rivaldo, Jozsef Boszik, Djalma Santos, Thierry Henry, Gary Lineker, Bobby Moore and many other players could have easily featured in this list.


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