Top 10 Legend of Zelda Weapons


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  1. TheMarionick on

    I appreciate you guys trying to be original with your number 1 pick for once, but nothing beats the Master Sword. Besides, the Double Clawshot is clearly the superior member of the Hookshot family

  2. Drewtendo on

    How did the bow not make the top two?!

    Edit: No. I do not agree with the picks. Master Sword is number one. Hookshot is great, but most times, it only stuns. And a hookshot may not need arrows, but it can't shoot fire, ice, electricity, or even bombs like a bow (plus the bow has superior range over a hookshot). Hookshots also leave you vulnerable as you can't move once you shoot it.

  3. Dimentio's Servant on

    My top 10 Zelda Weapons
    #10: The Hero's Bow (Do I need to explain? The weapon is cool with morethan one arrow type)
    #9: Dual Clawshot (Useful, fun to use, and is an absolute Must to find all of your gear at eldin volcano)
    #8: The Ball & Chain (Two words is all that this weapon needs in order to Attac, Protec, And Wrec. Seriously, bring it Back Nintendo!)
    #6: The Boomerang (whether it be the Beetle, Gale Boomerang, Magical Boomerang, Nice Boomerang or any other, this thing will come spinning right back.)
    #5: The Spinner (Useful in so many ways, and is used in the Stallord fight. Wish I got to it, F**king Escort Missions.)
    #4: The Magic Rods (how do I put only one on here? The Ice Rod can encase opponents in ice, and create platforms, The Fire Rod can burn anything in your way aside, and get you good food, the Sand Rod is useful for beating 2 bosses, the Tornado Rod is able to get you in the air and stun enemies, and the Magical Rod is cool as well. So why not all of them?)
    #3: the Biggoron's Sword. (Fun to use, stronger than the Master Sword in a lot of categories, you have to do a relentless side quest, and it's unbreakable, unlike the Giants knife, which has the same strengths but less hassle AND IT'S GONE.)
    #2: The Fierce Deity's Mask (you want the strength of a god? Use this mask! The Fierce Deity is so strong that it practically Guarantees Victory. The only reason it's not Number 1, is because it's only used in boss rooms.)
    #1: The Master Sword (any long time Zelda Fan Knows this Sword by design, Concept, and Story behind it. Forged long ago by the Goddess Hylia, the Goddess Sword was Wielded by the first Link, and possessed the ability of the Skyward Strike. Eventually, Link bathed it in the flames of Farore, Nayru and Din, it became the Master Sword. After heading into the past, it was then blessed By Hylia, now known as Zelda, letting it become the True Master Sword. After Defeating Demise with the Blade of Evil's Bane, Link sealed the Conscious of the Demon King into the Master Sword. The Sword's too Iconic to put down for ages, and I doubt it will be.)

  4. Danny Kiefer Suko on

    Master sword should %100 be #1, for many reasons. It's the LoZ trademark weapon, and arguably the most powerful. Link would not be able to slaughter most of the more powerful enemies if he doesn't aquire it. He can use it to hack time and deflect orbs of energy, and he can use it while defending effectively with a shield (whereas he cant with other weapons likenthe biggorons sword).
    The hookshot should be in #3, in my opinion, because of the same reasons in the video. It's handy and fun to use, but isn't over powered like other weapons/gadgets.
    #2 should be the bow and arrow. It's awesome and the most versatile long range weapon by far. In some games it can be upgraded to fire 3 arrows at once, if i'm not mistaken. It has it's own fire/ice/lightning attachments and it can be used to take out aliens. You can even use it on horseback. The only drawback is that it's use is limited to how many arrows you can carry in a quiver, and if you run out then you end up running around or digging in until you can procure more arrows.
    The mirror shield would be on this list if link could only ram enemies with it while defending, like a riot shield. But it is just a defense, so it wouldn't make the list for top weapons.

  5. Byron Lyons on

    Honestly no, the reason it's not in Breath of the Wild isn't because it would make everything easy (it really wouldn't), it's because it would be a niche item with situational uses, but is overall useless. It would be literally the next spinner, in which it looks cool, but offers little or nothing to the game.


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