Top 10 Kingdom Hearts Boss Battles


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  1. Craig Harvey-Gurr on

    Here’s my top 10:

    10. Scar (Kingdom Hearts 2)
    9. Ursula (Kingdom Hearts)
    8. Julius (Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance)
    7. Maleficent (Kingdom Hearts)
    6. Chernabog (Kingdom Hearts)
    5. Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts And Kingdom Hearts 2)
    4. Xaldin (Kingdom Hearts 2)
    3. Vanitas (Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep)
    2. Roxas (Kingdom Hearts 2)
    1. Xemnas (Kingdom Hearts 2)

  2. Robyn Wolph on

    With the new trophy system having you earn a trophy WITHOUT changing Keyblades, this fight with Dark Riku pt. 2 will prove even more difficult for me since I'm aiming for that particular Trophy

  3. Colin on

    This list could literally be almost all Organization 13 members and birth by sleep final bosses and nobody would even care that you left out KH1 lol. Saix and Xaldin should have been on here. Hell even young Xehanort from DDD, so many good bosses in one series.

  4. Billybo10K on

    How in the absolute heck does Roxas get an honourable mention, but Oogie Boogie actually make it onto the list? The fights against the original KH characters and other keyblade wielders are some of the best in the series, after all.

  5. The810kid on

    These choices suck the cloud boss fight is easy also the fight with Ansem possessed Riku isn't more emotional than Aqua vs Terranort which was the climax of birth by sleep and battle for Terra's soul

  6. Lee Ward on

    I'm surprised Ansem wasn't mentioned. But there is one "Secret" Boss fight I CANNOT STAND the most in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and that would be the Mysterious Figure (aka Young Xehanort) from Birth By Sleep. I can't stand that bastard, especially if you're playing as Terra. Real pain in the arse. 😡

  7. Lucifer Heller on

    8:37 Yeah, I admit this lived up to the praise I heard about, even if it takes an hour to beat…

    Unless you're me, who had the endless combo skill on and couldn't really finish Xemnas in his penultimate stage before becoming Zebra Man and had to do the entire fight FROM STAGE ONE!!!

  8. Pickled Pudding on

    Why is it so hard for the media to do their damn research and learn how names are pronounced. You butchered Maleficent, Xehanort, and Xemnas. Furthermore, Roxas deserved more than an honorable mention, you didn't list Xion at all, and at least half of the organization fights are better than what's on this list. Oogie Boogie? Really? Really?


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