Top 10 JackSepticEye Videos


100 comments on “Top 10 JackSepticEye Videos

  1. Ryan And Lexi on

    I roughly agree with the list except I feel Doki Doki should have been there atleast as an honourable mention, it was by far one of the best series’s on the channel and one that really stuck with me

  2. Confusing??? on

    Look, I'm all for JackSepticEye comedy, but you should have put in at least ONE serious video. The Beginner's Guide, That, Dragon Cancer, You Left Me, A Normal Lost Phone and so on had powerful messages that opened up a discussion. And yes, Jack is known by funny games and such, but it is always important to show the serious side sometimes. I can't control your choices, though. But I'm just saying.


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