Top 10 Invader Zim Episodes


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  1. Kenpachi Ramasama on

    Yo, y'all need to make a top 20 Invader Zim episodes cuz you guys missed out on some serious gems like The Frycook What Came from All That Space, Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars, and Battle of the Planets, etc.

  2. Irken Invader zim fan on

    How about the top 10 unaired Invader Zim episodes
    The trial
    Mopiness of doom
    Return of keef
    Top of the line
    Ten minutes to doom
    Girs big day
    Nubs of doom
    Invader Dib
    Squishy the hugger of worlds
    Simon sez doom
    Invader poonchy
    Robo parents gone wild
    When pants ruled
    Day of da spookies
    It feeds on noodles

  3. noah cppc on

    invader zim has been my favorite show since i was 4 😀

    my favorite episode is: mysterious mysteries
    followed closely by backseat drivers from beyond the stars
    and then invasion of the idiot dog brain

    though zim eats waffles is very funny too 🙂
    also attack of the saucer morons
    that's my top 5 i think 🙂

    but then the nightmare begins is also really good…ya know what they're all amazing! 😀

  4. Dariel Rojas on

    As soon as I saw Backseat Drivers in HONOURABLE MENTIONS instead of number one, you lost what little faith I had in this video. Foolish me, thinking WatchMojo would deliver for once. You didn't even put Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom in the first place, not even a honourable mention? shame on you. OF COURSE the most lol random episode of IZ would get number one. Hot Topic is proud of you.

  5. Dominic Lorenz on

    I disagree that "Zim Eats Waffles" as being the best episode ever, but it was still entertaining to see the list. It also helped me figure out an episode of been looking for but couldn't remember the name of. (The changing the past episode, I could NOT remember which one it is for the life of me, but now I know! Yay!)


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