Top 10 Hulk Hogan Matches of All Time


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  1. Def Blinders on

    Hogan wrestling in Japan was NOTHING like he did in US. Over there he actually did technical holds, takedowns and even submissions. Vince McMahon didn't think a big powerhouse like Hogan would look right doing such moves so he restricted him to being basically a brawler.

  2. Eric Byers on

    Hulk Hogan is trash his move set is basic his finsher is a leg drop and people that are not that famous like Aleister black Neville Johnny wrestling tommaso ciampa are not that famous yet but they have way better movesets then trash Hulk Hogan

  3. sixburgh64ss on

    I'm thinking #1 will be vs Andre at WM III but that match vs Warrior (RIP) at VI was my all-time favorite match as a kid.
    Edit: I get the choice for The Rock over Andre but Warrior #6? BOOOOO!!!

  4. Geddo on

    The 1988 Hogan-Andre TV match on The Main Event should have been #1. It was shown live, and ratings had it at 33M people watching. Nothing in wrestling has ever come close to that.

  5. ArcaneAzmadi on

    Glad to see I'm not the only one who appreciates the SummerSlam 2005 match against Shawn Michaels. That was hilarious.

    None of these would really count as Hogans' "best" match, though. Hogan is actually a surprisingly talented technical wrestler, but never used any of these skills in the States, saving them for his tours of Japan where technical wrestling is more appreciated but the schedule is lighter. If he'd wrestled in America the same way he did in Japan, people would no longer have been satisfied with his strictly formula "big boot, leg drop, 1-2-3" victories and would have demanded he work at his technical peak all the time, which on the WWF schedule would have killed him. Just type "hogan vs muta" into the search bar for a prime example of what "Ichiban" (Number 1) could do when he really put in the effort.

  6. TAhowardrocksx2 on

    Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant has always been an overrated match. Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage stole the show during WrestleMania 3. Andre The Giant defeated Hulk Hogan in a squash match and this was back when Andre was still in his prime. I prefer Hulk Hogan's matches against The Rock and The Ultimate Warrior.

  7. Sport Of Wrestling on

    Jesus H!! Hogan's "creative control" had nothing to do with him going over cleanly in matches prior to 1990. Hogan WAS the WWF in the 80's. I can guarantee you there was never a MOMENT where anyone who knows anything about pro wrestling thought "Geez, we should have Hulk lose clean to Don Muraco….oh, but Hulk's got that damn creative control! Awe Nerts!!"
    For Hogan to have lost over and over, like guys today do, would have killed his mystique (like it has with guys today) and it would have made him less of a draw.
    Sorry, rant over. It just annoys the piss out of me when people pretend to understand wrestling when all they're really doing is regurgitating the same old BS from dirt sheet writers and internet fans


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