Top 10 Greatest Video Game Battles of All Time


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  1. kirbster3678 on

    Battle for Denerim in Dragon Age: Origins, Battle for Amaranthine/Battle for Vigils Keep in Dragon Age: Origins- Awakening, Battle for Haven in Dragon Age: Inquisition, Battle of Mel Senshir in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

  2. Mr. Drax on

    Infamous 2- Final mission (good)
    Kingdom Hearts 2- 1000 heartless
    GTA San Andreas- Killing Big Smoke
    Jesus Christ, the amount of dickriding this channel shows for The Witcher 3 makes me wanna hate the game.

  3. Radek Náprstek on

    I expected Mass effect to be the first. All three games in the trilogy have one of the best, biggest and most memorable battles in the history of gaming but my favourite will always be The battle of Kaer Morhen.

  4. Christian Sparks on

    The call of duty mission is based on the US army 2nd Ranger Division Which had 90% casualties in the battle. The level makes you feel the wrath of the enemy as you fight tooth and only after the battle do you realize how many losses your platoon suffered as there aren't as many soldiers on your side left versus when you started the climb at the beginning of the level.

  5. Antimanele104 on

    Anyone else thinks that the D Day battle from MoH Allied Assault is much better than the one from CoD 2 ? (I still like the old CoD games, in fact a battle that should've been mentioned here should've been the Battle of Okinawa from CoD WaW).

  6. MisterKargar on

    Dragon Age Origins: Seige of Denerim
    Mass Effect 2: Collector Base
    Mass Effect 3: Priority Earth
    Destiny 2: Intro Mission
    Dragon Age Inquisition: Battle for Haven
    Just to name a few EPIC and I mean truly EPIC battle seqeunces.
    Origins has you deliver a new king to the battlefield, fight your way through waves of darkspawn, chose a team and conquer an infested city by fighting your way through ogres and darkspawn generals culminating in a climactic fight with the archdemon and being able to call upon your allies which you have cultivated throughout your 30-40 hours of gameplay.

    The collector base actually had you run the risk of losing team mates and friends if done incorrectly and has major fight arenas which you can easily mess up.

    Priority Earth begins with one of the best cutscenes in all of gaming then you landing on a wasted Earth and fighting inch by inch to reclaim your planet from a force far atronger than your own. Simply amazing.

    Destiny 2 failed in many areas though oddly enough my pervailing memory is definetly it’s opening mission. Turning everything from the previous game on it’s head it has you fight through well known and then new areas of a destroyed hub and having to make your way through an unknown ship just to have everything you cherish taken away.

    Inquisition was a let down in terms of story telling and gameplay. Like an mmo grind but with no real pay off and a story ripped straight from copy paste dnd fan pages. What kept me in though even though the ending let me down was the battle for haven. You left the safety of the church with you and team mates knowing it was a death sentence in order to save as many people as you can and hold the army off long enough for your people to escape this is then compounded by the BEST hands down the BEST intro of a villain in any game since forever. Corypheus was a truly terryfing villain in both stature and power (though horrifically under utilised in the later game) his speech, his dragon and everything he did extinguished any hope you had garnered by holding back his forces. A master piece.

    These all should have been on the list or at the very least an honourable mention.


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