Top 10 Greatest Undertaker Matches


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  1. Noah Gilmore on

    Listen the mania 25 and 26 matches are some of the best of all times but 25 is better simply for the fact that it was kind of obvious that Taker was gonna beat Shawn the second time and retire him considering the fact HBK had been considering retirement for a while at the time

  2. kingofzero on

    When the undertaker became a biker I stopped watching wrestling. Then he came back as the taker with short hair and just wasn’t the same. He’s still my favorite.

    Wish you used footage and not pics but I get why. Don’t want to try copy righted.

    Also your list sucks. No taker vs kane. No matches from the early 90s. Come on. You focused on the later years of his career which don’t compare to the earlier years at all.

  3. Christopher Mealer on

    Taker vs Edge could gave been swapped for Jeff Hardy vs Taker in 2002
    Taker vs Cm Punk could have been swapped for Taker vs Batista in the last man standing match.
    And why do they continue to put the number one pick in the thumbnail????
    And who votes on these placements? Because real Undertaker Fans/STANS would have did a better job

  4. Gaelek13 on

    Good list, though I'd put the second Triple H match in place of the third. When Triple H hit 'Taker with the Tombstone there was a very real belief – however momentary – that it was the end of the Streak.

  5. Dave Chromiak on

    Sorry, but the Taker/Edge TLC match was pretty bad. It was one of the most disappointing main events that I have ever seen. There are so many better Taker matches, and a lot better TLC matches.

  6. tr0phy hunt3r14 on

    This list was more of a top 10 Undertaker WrestleMania matches list than anything else. What about the 6-man Hell in a Cell match for the WWF title Armageddon PPV? How about his First Blood match with Stone Cold Steve Austin at Fully Loaded for the WWF title? What about any of his tag team matches where he was part of the Brothers of Destruction during the Invasion angle? Come on Watch Mojo, step your game up a little more when making this type of list.

  7. KaiserViking on

    The fact that you put the Mankind match at number 10 is FUCKING DISGUSTING!!! Are you out of your fucking mind??? Do you even know wrestling??? THAT SHOULD, NO, NO, NO, THAT MATCH, MUST BE NUMBER ONE!!! NO FUCKING EXCUSES!!! YOU PIECES OF FUCKING SHIT!!! UNFORGIVABLE!!! HBK AT WRESTLEMANIA IS NUMBER 2 by far!!!

  8. Chuck Buskee on

    1. Vs Michael’s WM 25
    2. Vs Michael’s bad blood
    3. Vs Michael’s WM 26
    4. Vs punk WM 29
    5. Vs mankind KOTR 98
    6. Vs triple H WM 28
    7. Vs triple h WM 27
    8. Vs edge WM 24
    9. Vs lesnar HIAC 2015
    10. Vs Batista WM 23


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