Top 10 Gaming Trends That Pissed Everyone Off


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  1. Captain Manta 2.0 on

    Honestly other than the micro transactions aspect of it I don’t get the backlash of loot boxes. Like if lootboxes weren’t micro transactions then I’d just see it as people whining about random chances and not getting what they want. I mean lootboxes have a hard work aspect put into them cause you gain them when you level up in most games so other than the micro transactions aspect it’s a fair system.

  2. Zoren Connor on

    What a lot of people dont understand about call of duty is that there split into 3 different companies now. Each team has 3 years to make a call of duty not one. Reason its yearly is because right after lets say treyarchs releases there game they already focus on plans for the next COD while sledgehammer has already been on theres for 2 years and infinity ward 1 year

  3. Jay Y. on

    The Shin Megami Tensei games do the moral choices thing very well. Lots of moral ambiguity and such, even though there's still an Angels vs. Demons thing going on, usually.

  4. kreiyu on

    Mtx are the result of mmo subs and the increased rate of content. If you want an end to mtxs, then be prepared for the old days of content releases. I.e. not very often. Don't expect them bugs and balance issues to be fixed very soon either.

  5. austin runge on

    The worst thing about modern games are too much focus on graphical realism instead of artistic expression. Modern games rely too much on looking realistic, but not having any original style. It makes new games way more expensive than they need to be and drastically limits its shelf life.

  6. K1naku5ana3R1ka on

    Anyone notice that all but three (10, 8, and 2) are about ways for game companies to make more money from customers? We get it, developing games is an expensive business and a calculated risk, but games are here to be enjoyed, not just to make money!

  7. Daniel Potyrala on

    10. Lowkey agree, but it’s nice when done right.
    9. Y U NO 1
    8. Only when done right, rarely is done
    7. Yeah, it’s pretty annoying.
    6. Okay, well, R6S
    5. @ EA
    4. The risk is not good early with a game
    3. Agreed
    2. Poor Nintendo 🙁
    1. @ EA

  8. Marco Escalante-Martinez on

    10. It increased the Battle Royale fad
    9. Same experience everytime
    8. How salty people get over losing
    7. It is making people have eternal virginity
    6. Kids always talking about Fortnite
    5. Crinja (Ninja)
    4. Wasting money on items
    3. People doing dances from Fortnite
    2. Fortnite community
    1. Fortnite in general

  9. Nightlife Vegas on

    I have a problem with feminism in games. I’m surprised old PS2 games weren’t frowned upon by feminists back then like “Scarface The World Is Yours” that game is full of violence and getting women. I don’t understand why they go after these now after they haven’t gone after that game. This generation makes no fucking sense

  10. Firefox9001 on

    While I do agree with the season pass points, the season pass for rainbow six siege isn't just fucking "a map and some skins". You spend $30 and you get 8 new operators with original gadgets weapons and cosmetics, you also often get 4 maps. Not just "a map and some skins". Do more research next time, please.


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