Top 10 Funniest SNL TV Show Parodies


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  1. MrMainandSmash on

    I’m going to be disappointed if Jeopardy isn’t number 1. Black Jeopardy was always funny & no matter how many times I watch it, Will Ferrell’s Celeb Jeopardy with Darrell Hammond’s Sean Connery will never stop making me laugh.

    Edit: I knew it would be number 1.

  2. Strider Xanthos on

    #8: Whoppi didn't call Trump "the man in the white house", 7.8/10. Jokes aside, that sketch was hilarious, one of Lesile's better performances. Meghan vs Joy and Emma Stone as Jenny was gold, but the real show needs that spray bottle

  3. come to order! C.G.:the Cartoon Judge! on

    Top 10 another Tim Curry performance!(forte…),top 10 another things we
    wanna see in Lion King remake(Tim Curry rock python,be prepared),top 10
    Lion King and Black Panther simularityes,top 10 cartoon it's a
    wonderful life episode,top 10 cartoon western episode,top 10 diffrence
    between Disney and Pixar,top 10 another 2000's cartoons,top 10 50's
    style cartoon songs,top 10 cartoon about baby version of famous pop
    culture icons!(pup named Scooby doo,baby looney tunes,Muppet babies yada
    yada),top 10 cartoon time traveling episode,top 10 another Christmas
    Carol adaptations!(looney tunes bahum-duck,smurf Christmas Carol,barbie
    blah blah),top 10 cartoons that we're ahead of their time,top 10 cartoon
    wedding battles!,top 10 celebritie guests in cartoons,top 10 shows that
    shouldn't be cancelled,top 10 cartoon kids voiced by man,top 10 movie
    gangsters,top 10 cartoon bad luck episode,top 10 og Tom and Jerry
    shorts,top 10 Scooby doo movies,top 10 another musical cartoon
    episodes,top 10 underrated movie directors,top 10 animated movies with
    no celebrities,top 10 funniest Disney villians(captian hook,Don
    Karnage),top 10 disney cartoon based on Disney movies,top 10 pirate
    movies(pan,pirates of the caribean)

    ,top 10 enjoyable movies despite box offoce flop,top 10 comic based
    movies that completely diffrent from the source meterial and for the
    better!,top 10 movies that don't lose momentum with sequals(land before
    time),top 10 best musicals turned movies,top 10 movie McGuffins,top 10
    most heard movie morals,top 10 underrated disney sequals,top 10 most
    bizarre 80's shows(HE-man!),another top 10 celebrity become voice
    actors,top 10 another movies that defied expectations,top 10 hand drawn
    animated movies from disney,top 10 tv animal voices(Dee Bradley
    Baker,Frank Welker…),top 10 singing voice actors(Jess Harnell,Jessica
    Dicicco,Tara Strong,Tom Kenny…),top 10 times movies mixed cgi and hand
    srawn animation,top 10 times retro made a comeback,top 10 movie reboots
    that overshadow predascessors,top 10 cartoons that perfectly ballence
    dark and comedy,top 10 enviremental cartoon episodes,top 10 out of
    normal cartoon episodes,top 10 toughest cartoon heroine,top 10 story
    tropes that exist for a reason,top 10 cartoon episodes that focuse on
    the villian,top 10 it vase a dream plot twist,top 10 batman the brawe
    and the bold episode,top 10 spectacular spiderman episodes,top 10
    underrated dc shows,top 10 villians pretending to be
    philantrophist",saints,good guys so on,top 10 times movie villians
    overshadow the hero(s),top 10 cgi movies that look like hand drawn!,top
    10 times disney movie characters appeared in other movies!,top 10 bad
    movies with good trailers!,top 10 most hated comicbook characters!,top
    10 celebritie voice actors!,top 10 tv mirror universe episode,top 10
    Another tv evil twin!,top 10 tv mirror universe episode!


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