Top 10 First-Person Shooters to Play Before You Die


100 comments on “Top 10 First-Person Shooters to Play Before You Die

  1. e7danny7m on

    funny thing is return to castle wolfestein  is better then 70% of these games, and half life 2 is the best shooter ever made ,there was no graphics at that time and story to keep up with half life 2,even in 2018 im still amazed of half lifes graphic. Dont trust me? go on internet and say half life 3… and see ppl reaction they totaly get insane.Half life 2 easy the best shooter of all time and number 1 this is the game everybody should play before they die.

  2. Go Cardinals on

    Watchmojo needs to stop including so many old titles honestly. Take the nostalgia goggles off. I loved those games as a kid but they just simply don't compare to modern day games (both in gameplay and graphics). I understand having respect for your predecessors, but that mantra doesn't really carry over well in video games. Also, Battlefield 4 should be on this list

  3. BigSkylar on

    All the games were vanilla but the last one has a mod nope either all have mods added or none do. If i wanted gore and doom gameplay I'd just play Duke Nukem 3D instead lol


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