Top 10 Finishing Moves in WWE


100 comments on “Top 10 Finishing Moves in WWE

  1. magilla2282 on

    wheres the jackhammer? only one man ever kicked out of it and that was brock lesnar, and on the subject of him what about the f5. The rock bottom should not be on this list. It should be where its name says. This was a popularity contest and not a best finisher list.

  2. NickGreyden on

    honorable mentions should have included: 6-1-9 – Myserio, Sharpshooter – Hart, Frog Splash (shoutout to Money Shot and Venis) – Guerrero, Zig Zag – Ziggler, Chokeslam – Big Show et al, and Flying Elbow – Savage.

  3. Mahissimo on

    Was it really necessary to expose the inside secret concerning the sound of the Superkick? Many people know it these days, but it's still some kind of magician code, and you should be careful with those information.


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