Top 10 Female Cosplays Character


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  1. Hok Ta on

    Literally all 10 main stream predictable listing.. and only a few deserving to be up there with the rest having better female leads to replace them

  2. Senri Shiki on

    Wtf Rey? You're including that blatant sex change Luke copy in this list? First the actress herself dispises her role and SW in general, the character is crap copy, I never seen anyone dress a Rey, because she's not iconic and you not only put her in the list, you also put it high on the list.

  3. Killmonger on

    Best movie Black Panther
    Best hero Chadwick
    Best villain Michel
    They miss:
    Black widow
    Scarlet witch
    And many more

    And they put this HOE Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn. Get the fuck out of here with that playlist.

  4. Jasmin Nanami on

    Could it be they forgot Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid/Project Diva?
    Because I see at least one Miku at every convention and she has so many different outfits that I understand that many people cosplay her because I never saw two Mikus look the same at conventions until now XD

  5. cj_rp t_10 on

    The reason why Harley Quinn is first is because she's fucking sexy! Every woman would want to dress like her and many other hot femsle characters to have a reason to flaut they're bodies.


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