Top 10 Facts About the Megalodon


100 comments on “Top 10 Facts About the Megalodon

  1. LilyTheCat on

    Actually,the Megalodon isn’t the largest fish ever recorded.Leedsicthys was another prehistoric fish that could reach upwards of 50 feet in length,thus making it 20+ feet bigger than Megalodon.

  2. q w on

    Lol if you are going to make points like they eat whales or their teeth were 7inches long it’s best to introduce it as the points not asides from earlier in the video. It takes away from the impact

  3. Jayed Hassan on

    "Some arguing that it evolved 28 million years ago While others place it in the 16 to 23 million years ago"
    Two parties arguing if its 28 million yrs or 16-23 million years. I wonder if they have any idea about what even 1 million years sounds like . Crazy people


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