Top 10 Epic Video Game Songs by DAGames


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  1. Shelby Standridge on

    Will Ryan is actually my favorite artist my favorite songs that have to be his original ones like heart of an artist and SOS but my favorite video game lines would have to be build our machine and I am the purple guy and The tattletale song! Awesome video dude! 😃👍

  2. slots777 on

    Aw man, Instruments of Cyanide wasn't even an honorable mention? That's one of his best ones two date given how the Bendy fandom's toxicity nearly meant it never came out.

  3. Animated Terror on

    Honestly I prefer break my mind over take my breath away. Honestly and this is hard to say. Take my breath away is one of my Least favorites. But that’s my least favorite song from a dude who only seems to upload masterpieces. But seriously why wasn’t what’s in the box number one.

  4. Tinker on

    My top ten are
    10: I’m the purple guy
    9: break my mind
    8: build our machine
    7: United we stand
    6: one by one
    5: instruments of cyanide
    4: unfixable
    3: brothers in arms
    2: take my breath away/ atomic renegade
    1: gospel of dismay/ the dagames medley

    All of his songs are good, but others are just better than the already perfect songs

  5. Tinker on

    You should make a second top ten after the two new songs in February and not include any songs from this list except for the exceptional songs that are gems

  6. Jacob Liberman on

    Well if your doing a top ten music of any artist referring to games, might I suggest miracle of sound? I won't spoil anything, but if you love music that fits with a game's style/ themes, he is one of the best. A personal favorite is three he did based on the witcher: "Wake the White Wolf" "Lady of the Worlds" and "The Path"


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