Top 10 Epic Game of Thrones Battles


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  1. Daniel MacDonald on

    I mostly agree with this list. I think the Battle of Winterfell should have been Number 1 because 'The Long Night' was a classic episode.
    I think that got forgotten in an altogether disappointing season. Credit to the actors though, as the played their characters brilliantly, despite the awful writing and character development for the final season (especially Peter Dinklage). None of the characters worked. Dany as a tyrant? Meh. Bran/3-eyed Raven as King? Not logical. However, Jon essentially being allowed to escape North with the Free Folk felt oddly fitting, but disappointed me as he'd have been the perfect King. The only character that I feel got the right ending was Arya. Maybe not the "West of Westeros" thing, but she was meant to be a travelling assassin/explorer.

  2. Dub Line on

    Tsk this is a poor list. I'd put it as:

    1. Battle of the Long Night
    2. Battle of the Bastards
    3. Battle of Kingslanding
    4. Battle of the Frozen Lake
    5. Battle of the Train Loot
    6. Battle of Hardhome
    7. Battle of Black Water Bay
    8. Battle of the Greyjoys
    9. Battle of Castle Black
    10. Retaking of Mereen

  3. 1,1 Mn views on

    I don’t like it when Dany burns the armies with her dragons. It is not as fun and too easy to win. Swords fights between armies are always better and more fun as we see in Battle of Bastards.

  4. 1,1 Mn views on

    It is weird that we have never really saw a battle between Starks and Lannisters while the main conflict of the whole show has always been between Starks and Lannisters.

  5. MiTmite9 on

    Ramsay Bolton didn't get 1/2 of what was coming to him. He should have been sold into sex slavery to The Dothraki or else turned over to a maniac sadist type such as Qyburn and made to really, really, REALLY suffer.

  6. kendallight on

    Entirely disagree with this list. Hardhome was a far superior battle than the battle for Winterfell. WatchMojo should also really rethink criticising "The Long Night" in their video "Why Season 8 of Game of Thrones sucked" and now making it third place. Bad decision.

  7. Adam Michael on

    Battle of Winterfell at number three? It's like having a list of greatest minds of all time with Albert Einstein at 3 and then ranking Kanye at 2 and Kim at 1 in magnitude of how wrong that list got it.

  8. JM CG on

    1. Battle of the Bastards
    2. Hardhome
    3. Loot Train Attack
    4. Battle of Winterfell
    5. Blackwater
    6. Battle of the Wall
    7. Battle Beyond the Wall
    8. Battle of King's Landing
    9. Iron Fleet
    10. Siege of Meereen


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