Top 10 Easter Eggs in Avengers: Infinity War


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  1. Arun Jagtap on

    Watch at 2:00:07 to 2:00:10…………..When Thanos throws away doctor strange and tony traps his hand. There is a very small moment, How can everyone miss it….?? I think that moment is involving time stone. look closely at the second spot, its definitely not blue…Its green!!!!!!!!! Care to pay some attention, Please…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sean Pedersen on

    Guys listen this sounds insane but trust me when thanos snapped he uaed the time stone to try all over again and well thats why the new avengers are gone because they werent alive back then and thats all. Cheers mates.

  3. Anuj Saini on

    Was watching Ragnarok again and found a clue…….Grandmaster's recreational ship is being carried on top of main ship when Asgardian escape from Hela……….. Valkyrie and Korg may have taken that ship to escape when Thanos arrives in infinity war

  4. Sam Laskowski on

    I agree with the theory that doctor strange,guardians of the galaxy volume 2, thor ragnorock, black panther, infinity war, and ant man and wasp happened the same week or a least two weeks

  5. Todd no last name on

    Somebody pointed out that Hulk is getting a character arc in the movies he's appearing in (not getting his own movie because Disney doesn't own distribution rights; they're about to get the distribution rights to FF, but can't produce their movies). Meanwhile, Cap's had three movies titled Captain America, but hasn't had any character development since the first one. Don't just give Cap a shield, give him a writer who cares about Cap.

  6. Joppe Windey on

    Hey, everyone is speaking about how it ended and why there dead some avengers and what the fuck is happening or where is Ant-Man and Hawkeye. But did anyone asked where Wong is? We didnt saw him dissepearing at the end or anywhere else. So the question is: "will Wong join the Avengers 4" ? Also where are korg/miek/valkyrie?

  7. Da Sauce GOD Cowley on

    that I wasn't it because he literally told the story about how he got it and it was a different color the one that Thor put in his socket with a brown and the one that group was holding was blue the pupil

  8. Dishinshoryuken on


    Gonna have to disagree with the Vision one.
    That one is a nod to The Transformers: The Movie.

    When Optimus Prime dies, he goes from his robust colors to the gray scale. And to give it more implications, they both lose the power source that made them who they are- Prime gives up the Matrix of Leadership, Vision loses the gem.

    Many a kid saw that back in the day…and this was a nod to that as there has not ever been a time in the comics that Vision when torn apart had his parts change color.

    Just my take on it….


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