Top 10 Dumbest Alex Jones Predictions


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  1. TrumpCat on

    1:42 Antifa? ……. did we forget about them?
    2:25 Greece and Ireland are run by the IMF because they colapsed , and Italy is partly owned……. you didnt metion that.
    3:10 We dodged that one thanks to voting for Trump
    4:15 Google – 'Twitter death threats of Trump' ………… and from verified users …….. btw if the VP wasnt such a christian Nutter maybe theyd already off'ed him , they killed Kennedy and his brother and tryed to kill Regan…….. soooo……. yeah
    5:17 but to be fair everyone was saying the world was going to end !! ……. I lived it , people who should know where claiming it was all going to collapse and shut down so ………… And if it did you dont think the military would be in the streets to keep the peace as the people go tribal ……. shit a kid gets shot by a cop and they burn half a city down ………. so all plausible
    6:05 Ask people along the border with Mexico how they feel now about illegal immagration from Mexico and South America , this movie had nothing to do with that though that was all Democraps and Obumers doing.
    6:56 These people (your intelligence agency) are the same that smuggled drugs into america to fund thier coup's in countries all over the globe (google it) ……… and you think they wouldn't try this shit out? …..even just for a laugh? ……. your kidding yourself ……
    7:48 Yeah he was over top with this one, but seriously if they had it all planned it wouldnt surprise me ….. shit the US had plans to invade Canada and the UK during WW1 and WW2 so ………..
    8:55 I think its common knowledge now that Aliens visit us , move to some where other than the US and its reported on freely, western Europe has lots of it , and they report on it all the time , if Alex ment the US media ….. then yes he was wrong.
    9:44 He was off with his date , but if you think the US is just fine and dandy atm you need your head read……. seriously the US media , people on facebook, people on twitter are openly asking for the extermination of White people ? …………. so everything is all fine then ………….. I dont remember to many times where talk like that didnt start off something realy bad ………. but you stick to your echo chamber. You have a Head of the Washington post and CNN that tweet constaitly about white devils need a bullet ………. If that happened in Australia youd be sacked , but in the US its fine as long as your Black or hispanic ………. ill save this and just see what happenes in a few years maybe after Trump wins in 2020 , the left might kick off a coup after that….. with thier Antifa renta crowds……

  2. SiegePro12 Jager on

    I know Alex Jones comes across to many as insane and unhinged, but he's fun to listen to and I think it's a shame Info Wars has been censored. I actually agree with a lot that he says, and disagree with a lot that he says lol.

  3. Daniel Renard on

    Jones is so wrong about everything, that if he said "Nothing is going to happen tomorrow." Every molecule in- and beyond the observable universe, would spontaneously split and scatter at the speed of light, by the stroke of midnight.

  4. Zanye Love on

    Unsubscribed, Jones is crazy and i may not agree with what he is saying he still has a right to speak his mind. Banning him and trying to ruin his life over a conspiracy theory is outrageous. In fact it makes me ponder the idea that he might have been onto something and was shutdown for getting too close… Using the publics emotions and "moral values" to cloud their judgment. Nobody on the comments has a real reason to "hate" Jones besides his wild rants and conspiracy theorys.

    Ill probably receive replys saying "im crazy asshole who loves alex jones" or "im just a dumb dumb " or "sandy hook happened you neonazi asshole i live in S-hook so i know for a fact!" But anyone can lie and say they witnessed the whole thing… And anyone can pay a company to post hatful comments posing as regular people too using bot accounts or fake accounts.

    All im saying is dont let the general public persuaded your thoughts… Dont jump on the hype train just because everyones doing it…

    And most importantly we live in a time where its easy to fake events with CGI, digital editing, phoney polls, fake social media accounts, and fake reveiws on products from shopping sites. So do a little investigation before you belive anything online or on tv…. or dont decide to hate something just because the hatred is trending and you wanna feel like you fit in.

  5. Michael Dougherty on

    And yet he couldn't predict his wife leaving him, and taking the kids with her. His court defense: He's just a performance artist that doesn't actually believe any of this crap. That's his actual legal defense. Yet his listeners STILL believe him. At this point, why shouldn't he take advantage of these mouth-breathing sub-humans? They WANT it.

  6. William Allen on

    I am a conspiracy therapist but that guy is just he’s a fraud because some of the videos I watch on all the channels he just picks them up from there I just amps up the shock value to get views I don’t believe him even on the conspiracy theory us

  7. Murray Lee Wilson on

    The whole point of making warnings about things being planned, is to dissuade them from being carried out. Robbers don't Rob a bank when they know that they're expected.

    Almost everything that is not so high profile in immediacy that he predicts, has a way of quietly coming true later if not sooner. You may want to hold off of claiming he was "wrong" about things that are starting to look like that he may be very right about.

  8. Ed D on

    Saw a street vid with Alex where he obviously had a "plant" bystander attack him in a city street. "So now I'm being attacked by a liberal…." he says to the camera

  9. Dan Anderson on

    If you did not actually see or experience an event who are you to judge anything? Did two planes fly into the towers? I wasn't there. I saw pictures on a screen of it that's all. Did sandy hook happen? Same answer. Modern humans forget how new this screen technology is. How easy it is to use to manipulate. If you saw it on a screen or read about it in a book you should not consider it a fact at all. Stop believing anything you haven't experienced yourself.


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