Top 10 Differences Between Infinity War Movie And Comic


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  1. IWalkAlone247 on

    Russo brothers fucked this entire story up….and I did NOT like the movie.

    1. EVERY DAMN BODY seemed to know the snap was coming, whereas in the comic Thanos didn't even know he was gonna do it. He was at wit's end trying to please Mistress Death, then had that light bulb moment and said "I know what would please you", then snapped his fingers. In the movie EVERY FUCKING BODY who knew him talked about it. Come on now.

    2. Thanos never turned Drax into blocks…it was somebody else.

    3. Everything about this movie's plot was shit on by the Russo's themselves. In the very first Avengers movie, at the end, Thanos' minion said "to challenge them is to court death". That was a hint and a half that Thanos had Mistress Death on the brain….fast forward to Infinity War….nothing. Not even a mention. Instead, they actually went out of their way to make Thanos a damn sympathetic figure.

    4. Spiderman played an extremely MINOR role in the comic….why he was in this movie instead of Adam Warlock is a freaking mystery to me.

    5. The Russo are two pieces of shit to me, because what they did with this movie was basically everything Micheal Bay has done to everything great that he has touched and shaped in his own image. They even SAID that they didn't wanna follow the comic because they already knew the outcome. I don't expect an exact mirror image of the comic, but give me a fucking break…YOU DUMB FUCKS CAME UP WITH YOUR OWN DAMN STORY!!

    6. In the next movie, they ACTUALLY SAID that Captain Marvel will be the most powerful person they've ever covered in the MCU. Are you fucking kidding me?!? Thanos has the power of a god with the gauntlet, Thor IS a damn god, and Captain freaking Marvel is the most powerful!?!

    I'm not looking forward to the next movie. And if by some miracle someone talks me into watching it, it's gonna be downloaded via torrent…I'm not putting ANY money in these dumb fucks' pockets.

  2. majorgeames on

    I can't put into words how much I love this video. I love the entire comic of infinity war and infinity quest. And I felt alone in my complete dislike for all the discrepancies in the MCU. Thank you!

  3. Chris B. on

    I don't think his comic motivation was any more complicated. In fact it might be more simple. Death is a woman and he wants to kill to impress her. That sounds pretty simple to me. If you want a complicate it by trying to explain or understand why he's in love with death then that's fine but the motivation for the action at hand is simple whether you understand that love or not. In the movie you have to try to understand not only why he thinks the world is unbalanced but also wrap your head around why, with all that power, killing half the life in the universe makes more sense than increasing resources. It's not like life won't eventually grow and unbalance things again (just as increased resources would eventually diminish). There's a lot more to think about than 'man does [stupid] thing to impress woman'.

  4. My Thoughts on

    you forgot where he got the gems from was changed dramatically. Power gem came from the champion, Reality gem came from the collector, soul gem from the inbetweener, time gem from the gardener, space gem from the runner, the mind stone from the grandmaster. its called the thanos quest

  5. CraftyFox on

    For me the movie was disappointing, only the effects and some other ideas were okay but over all i am happy i didn't pay to watch such a movie.
    For fans comics is much better like 100% better!!!!!!

  6. Diesel Tha Phoenix on

    THANK YOU!! Thank you WatchMojo #1 was my biggest problem with the movie. Changing Thanos from being in love with Lady Death to wanting balance was trash to me. When I first saw Thanos I expected to see Lady Death right with him and I wanted to see how she was portrayed and the movie robbed me of that. I loved everything else about it but that.

  7. Sam Gonzalez on

    What is death’s job? Cause if I was in love with a woman in charge of sorting job applications the last thing I’d do is bring her a truckload of job applications to sort. I know nothing of the comics and that’s why I’m asking. Maybe she likes death and people’s death brings no burden idk. Someone explain her role please

  8. Aleena Patrick on

    I remember when I went to see Infinity War it was a packed house to the point that they ran out of seats (luckily me and my brother were the first ones there). And I remember when the end credits started rolling, everyone in the theater just loudly said awww.

  9. Chuck Buskee on

    The movie was a lot better in my opinion. I didn’t like in the comic how the heroes were all seemed useless and the only people who had a chance with Thanos were the gods. Also it was kind of anticlimactic, should’ve been more action at the end. I did like Thanos’s whole story better though.

  10. 2K Renegade on

    Thing that still bugs me about Thanos' motivation in the movie: why not just use the gauntlet to quadruple the universe and its resources instead of wiping out half the population?

  11. Another Geek on

    Honestly hate Thanos’ movie motives. Idk why they couldn’t involve his love of death in some shape or form. It didn’t even have to be the female death. It could have just been the idea.

  12. RETRO GAMER on

    Did "One Above All" feels anngry at thanos for killing half of the Universe?
    For people who doesnt know WHO "One Above All" is- he is creator of Universe . His powers are infinite and he cant be killed … He is like hristian god…

  13. Thomas Larson on

    I'm an old head- remember when the Infinity Gauntlet comics hit the shelves; but the movie… it's the best movie next to Empire Strikes Back. and the music – when Thanos kills Gamora (wow)


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