Top 10 Deleted Scenes that Would Have Changed the Whole Movie


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  1. Joey idc on

    Jesus I Am Legend could have been one hell of a movie I mean yeah but I still wouldn't have cared they infected the dog and he had to kill him so now was I forget what age I was pretty young I cried at that part

  2. Johnny Matheis on

    while they're correct that these would change the movies, they do a terrible job of explaining how it would change. The ones that would have been risk taking and original and better, they put down (Star Wars, First Blood, Deep Blue Sea), but the ones that would have been typical Hollywood hate (like Shop of Horrors) they say would be safer. They obviously are out of touch with what most movies are like, even though they continually push their garbage on us. Star Wars made no sense in the way the character Biggs appears as a buddy of Luke out of nowhere. The deleted scene should have been left in, no question about it. They're assessment is one that makes "zero" sense. Star Wars would have been much more coherent, and better, with that scene.

  3. Michael Irizarry on

    Even though I've always known and been disappointing with the LOTR cut ending. And yet fans of the book still criticize them despite how desperate Jackson was to truly capture the true story of the book. I respect it. its the deleted scene on this that I truly understand. Also how did the Star Wars scene change the movie? At all. Either of them, but especially the first one.

  4. lilshabaz1862 on

    wow. alternate endings that would have "changed the whole movie"? well, no shit. that should have been a separate list and they should have stuck with just actual deleted scenes for this list.

  5. QueenVoltalia on

    The alternate ending to "The Butterfly Effect" is pretty fucked up and would've changed how Ashton Kutcher's character met his fate. In this ending, he goes back in time to when he's still in utero and strangles himself to death with his own cord. It also implied that his mom's previous children had died the same way.

  6. Captaincory1 on

    The original ending of deep blue sea would've been a display of redemption of a scientist who had to throw away years of research in order to save many lives and avenge the deaths of her colleagues

  7. Joshua Giard on

    Lol Sauron vs Aragorn would have ruined the movie. Aragorns journey was never about defeating Sauron himself, he was never that type of hero. He never wanted to have that spotlight, he only ever wanted to do his part. Tolkien’s main theme was always that of the unexpected heroes, and Aragorn is too archetypal in appearance. His beauty is he subverts it

  8. Forest on

    Wait wait wait….. They had the footage of Aragorn V Sauron but didn't use it cause they felt like those little shits Hobbits deserved to have their moment ? ………… FFFUUUCCCKKK YOU PETE JACKSON !!!!!

  9. stephanie l on

    "The Beach" had a deleted scene where Richard was on the boat with Sal going to the mainland and Sal pretty much explains the entire plot of the movie. The movie was confusing without this deleted scene be in ng in the movie.

  10. Rob's Relics on

    The kidnapping scene in Hostel wouldn't have worked, simply for the fact that there's a screaming girl on a train full of people.  I'm sure that's why Eli Roth decided it didn't make sense.

  11. BFKC on

    If anyone still needed proof that Peter Jackson is dumb… But nowadays, this will not "prove" anything, but just make everyone else dumber along with it. People can't resist following dumbness down anywhere. It's hilariously fucking disgusting.

  12. Veronica Smith on

    Agreed, it really should go down as one of the worst adaptations in film history. It’s one thing to change scenes because of ratings/popular opinion/whatever or even just making a film “loosely based” on another piece a work when they have almost nothing to do with one another, but this one completely changed the entire point of the original story AND kept the original name to boot. Totally absurd.


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