Top 10 DC Stories That NEED To Be Adapted Into Animated Movies


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  1. lp2317 on

    What about IDENTITY CRISIS?  That's an all time great which gets into the question of how far someone–superhero or not–will go to protect those they love

  2. Matthew Hostetter on

    If they had never canceled Green Lantern the Animated Series, we would have gotten the Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night… but No DC and Cartoon Network had to cancel the series and Young Justice so we could get Teen Titans Go Crap forever… I would love to still see Blackest Night but it would have to be done right.

  3. Azraelknight 13 on

    Though I would Love to see Animated Knighfall movie they need to 1st do Batman Sword of Azrael so we can get introduced to Jean Paul-Valley most ppl don't know of Azrael and if the do they know Micheal Lanes version and it would have to be a 3 part movie as it's a Huge event ,so I doubt this will be one As bad as I want it to happen

  4. knytrydr73 on

    What was the name of that Superman "What If?" story where Kal-El's ship landed at Wayne Manor and he was raised as Bruce Wayne? We end up with a Batman with Kryptonian powers. That would make for a great animated film

  5. MADBD619 on

    Seriously, if there were a chance that a Starfiee solo series is possible, I would watch it til the very last breath in my body is spent for good! Seriously, I would.

  6. Brett Thompson on

    I WOULD LOVE TO SEE VERTIGO JOIN IN (American Vampire, Watchmen, The Wake, etc.), but these DC animated films would be bomb.

    1. Dark Nights: Metal
    2. Injustice (Especially years 1-4)
    3. Blackest Night (Or some form of Green Lantern Movie, Hal Jorden Rebirth?)
    4. Death of the Family
    5. Superman Unchained
    6. Batman Flashpoint
    7. Red Hood and the Outlaws (New 52)
    8. Swamp Thing (New 52)
    9. Aquaman (Rebirth)
    10. Gotham City Sirens (New 52)

  7. Snake Eyed Ghoul on

    A Doctor Fate animated series would be so awesome. The Lords Of Order vs. The Lords Of Chaos would be the main conflict, with the ability for Doctor Fate to crossover with the other DC heroes as they battle their own foes in the background narratives. I'm thinking of all of the vibrant colours, dark themes, and God imagery to evoke some insanely creative animation and art styles

  8. ToylandChairman666 on

    I'd like to see some adaptations of JUSTICE LEAGUE: STARRO, GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD TWILIGHT, GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH, DOOMSDAY: SENTIENCE, and NEW GODS. I know there's a New Gods live-action movie planned, but who are we kidding. An animated film would likely be the better movie anyway.


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