Top 10 Darkest Rick And Morty Season 4 Fan Theories


100 comments on “Top 10 Darkest Rick And Morty Season 4 Fan Theories

  1. Raixor on

    How bout, our Earth (A-1) is home to the actual smartest Rick and Morty, and they're smart enough to lay low and plan to take out R&M C-137 at the right time to take the thrown.

  2. Bud Borne on

    I bet evil Morty is the baby morty that is in the picture and the one rick has memory's of. Maybe he was there for that Morty an that made Morty smart and ended in Morty turning evil. He lies to Morty when he says there's purganol in the energy bar he ate because he doesn't want Morty to know that mortys are evil only too stupid to be a threat

  3. Alex Vaughan on

    Here's a theory building on the theory that Rick knows he's in a cartoon and has to entertain us: his overlords.

    To stop everyone from ageing, Rick keeps transferring everyone's brains into younger clones, a la Tiny Rick. He does it because in cartoons, people don't age, and he thinks we're too stupid to handle the concept of ageing in cartoons.


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