Top 10 Dark Theories About The Halloween Franchise


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  1. UnboundMarrow 91 on

    :55 John carpenter said that he was a force of nature of death and the other numbers that suggest he isn't do not work given that he has been confirmed by carpenter to be supernatural
    1:53 Michael kills a mechanic in the first movie before anyone else that night and he kills the girl in the beginning of the second movie when she leaves the phone and continually tries to kill laurie
    4:35 Halloween 3 isn't in the same reality there is a commercial for Halloween 1 in Halloween 3
    7:16 why would he be mute then if he was chucky
    8:32 Loomis didn't immediately assume he was evil he spent years reaching out
    9:02 Halloween 3 is still not in the same reality
    9:38 he was bleeding green cuz Tommy had just injected a green substance into him

  2. TrueWisdomAsherite80 on

    Michael is all human but with a non existent tolerance for pain & he has a slow healing factor…hence the end of part 4 into 5 when he slept in the hobo's house by the river for a year…he was getting ready to strangle him until he passed out from the multiple bullet wounds.

  3. Andres Lafebre on

    Your #10 theory dosen't make sense and i can explain why… Michael myers IS a human being… He made his first murder as a kid and the reason why he never dies is simply because… Hell dosen't except Michael myers which gives him supernatural powers

  4. Cason Jensen on

    Number 6 makes little sense because the first Halloween movie exists in the same universe as Halloween 3. There is a scene where a commercial of the first movie is on tv

    Same goes to number 1


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