Top 10 Cringiest Sacha Baron Cohen Moments


100 comments on “Top 10 Cringiest Sacha Baron Cohen Moments

  1. coffacuppee on

    I quit watching before the Naomi Wolf segment was finished — I could hardly concentrate on the scene because of your constant babbling explaining what I was seeing with my own eyes. Maybe you should just shush for your next effort and allow the audience to enjoy the comedy. Your mouthy intro was unnecessary and not helpful — of course we know you want us to subscribe, we're not idiots. But then you never shut up after that and kept on with it. I'll look for these clips elsewhere, thanks.

  2. Michael Angst on

    cringe is when a not funny person without a comedic funny bone in their body tries to be funny… Don't ever fucking use cringe in the same sentance as sacha baron cohen who is a comedic genius


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