Top 10 Creepypastas That Should Be Made into Movies


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  1. ! Just-A-Tobi ! on

    Well I could see most of them as shortfilms but not full length movies…
    Rake,no end house, russian sleep experiment, (insert killer characters here) and Romanian Knowlege experiment have the potential for a full lenght movie

  2. patday8428 on

    Not everyone is an anime fan. So, I was able to tell that you were using clips of anime as sample even though there not related to the actually Creepypastas story. I have been checking out a lot of anime of the last few months, I don't like a lot of them but I do like a few. By doing that I came across those clips you have shown.. If you really want to use a bear, you should of use Monokuma.

  3. ShaDHP23 on

    I think the Russian Sleep Experiment and NecroSleep could be connected. They're both my favorite creepyasta.

    Also, Slender deserved far better than what it got.

  4. Leo Haddaway on

    I would go an watch all of them but there is one movie I would love to watch a movie about slenderman and his brother (splendorman trenderman and offerderman) it dose not have to have horror but it would make a great horror comedy like the scary movie trilogy (how they make fun of scary movies like scream or the ring)

  5. Misty Rose on

    To be honest, if done well, The Russian Sleep Experiment would make for a terrific movie!!! Just don’t let Eli Roth get his hands on it 😂😂 The dude can do gore, but I also want a real story going on in there, not just body horror.

    Actually let Fede Alvarez do it. He directed The Evil Dead remake and it was pretty solid.

  6. Palo Santo on

    I'd watch a whole TV series about that creepypasta with the SAR officer. The movie wouldn't be enough.
    I was so surprised when you picked PenPal, this was one of the scariest stories.

  7. Tyler E. on

    No no no you just based the whole list off of popularity not depth, although these stories are great in their own ways, we don’t need anymore stories ruined by people who don’t know shit about creepypasta’s


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