Top 10 Craziest WWE Gimmicks


100 comments on “Top 10 Craziest WWE Gimmicks

  1. UndeadNinja on

    n9 kane undertaker or hurricane or gangrel no godfather no sting no jake the snake no million dollar man fuck this shit spirit sqaud are you serious fuck you mojo you dont know your pro wrestling

  2. The Ghost of Teddy Long on

    So we're gonna ignore the living dead man The Undertaker, Hakeem the African Dream, Kizarey the circus freak, The Shockmaster, the Correctional Officer from Cobb County Ga The Big Boss Man, the Wrestling sevant Festus, the cult leader Bray Wyatt or Wylan Murphy (might be Mercer), The Stalker, Mickey James the psycho lesbian, Val Venis the porn star? Just please stop with the wrestling lists WatchMojo especially when I'm almost certain the people putting these lists together don't know who Bam Nealey is.

  3. Jiho Lee on

    What about the mentally unstable Alicia Fox?
    I mean it's wedgie time!!

    She was/is the best modern day female gimmick ever! And also the craziest and most questionable lol
    In my opinion

  4. Fabiou Robinson on

    I used to love Gold Dust a lot. His mysterious persona was attractive and entertaining. But I didn't like it when they paired him with Star Dust. It made him look like a clown, destroying his credibility. He's better off alone.

  5. tsstevens on

    The Undertaker would have to be considered one of the craziest gimmicks that would not or should not see the light of day in more current reality based professional wrestling. He was portrayed as a actual mortician, then a zombie, satanic cult leader and having supernatural powers. Somehow that comes across as more over the top than a wrestling Mountie or Latino playing whiteface.

    Stick Cryme Time on there too as this was a boarderline racist angry black thug gimmick glorifying gang crime.

  6. liu travis on

    Super downvote for calling Goldust "Bizarre", the whole pro wrestling thing is a real life comic book, it is supposed to be not real. You know which character attracts kids to become a pro wrestling fan the most? it's not the undertaker, it's not HHH, it's not Cena (OK maybe it's Cena for the late 2000s and early 2010s), it's goldust, and the persona fits the Rhodes family characteristic, Goldust is a legend, go F yourself.


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